New Longer Lasting Superhero for Kids with Hay Fever

HayMax is excited to announce that it has now launched a new, improved formula for HayMax Kids organic allergen barrier balm for young hay fever sufferers. It’s still as effective as before at blocking pollen, but now has the potential to last even longer, making it even more economical and environmentally friendly as there is less wastage.

HayMax Kids is instantly recognizable with its trademark superheroes emblazoned on the front. The newly formulated HayMax Kids contains a natural vitamin E, which means that the balm will last even longer than before. (Not that it didn’t already last a long time – some customers report using pots that are several years old!)

HayMax Kids is a proven organic, drug-free allergen barrier balm suitable for toddlers upwards.  We know that people used it on babies – but we also know that babies have tiny airways so there is a really tiny chance that if you put too much HayMax on them, it could block their airways and so use with caution on babies and only use HayMax Kids. It’s made from beeswax and sunflower oil, there are no added nasties, just natural Soil Association certified organic cruelty-free ingredients.

HayMax Kids can be applied to the nostrils and around the bones of the eyes in the morning and throughout the day. HayMax is proven to trap over one third of pollen, as well as dust and pet allergens, before they enter the body [1] where they can cause symptoms.

HayMax Kids has always been proud to be a natural product without any preservatives, parabens, nano or micro-beads and HayMax did not want to compromise its natural and organic credentials. So it has worked hard to find a natural antioxidant for its balm. The new formula has been undergoing animal-free testing since the latter half of 2017. Laboratory and usage tests have shown that the balm now lasts longer than the original formulation, making HayMax Kids now more economical and environmentally friendly.

HayMax Kids works by trapping pollen before it gets in the body. Each of us can tolerate a certain amount of pollen grains in our body without reaction. But when this amount is exceeded, an allergic reaction occurs, resulting in common hay fever symptoms such as sneezing, a runny nose, a blocked nose, itchy, watery, streaming or swollen eyes, and itchy nose and throat. It keeps your child below their trigger level for longer.

HayMax organic drug-free allergen barrier balms are available in 5 varieties, including HayMax Kids, which are all suitable for children and pregnant and breast-feeding women. They retail at £6.99 per pot and are available from Holland & Barrett, Ocado, Booths, selected Superdrug, Morrisons and Boots, independent chemists, pharmacists and health stores, online and direct on 01525 406600 and

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