New Scrub Daddy Products Launching In Retail Stores This July

Brand new members of the Scrub Daddy family, Scour Daddy and Sponge Daddy, are landing in retail stores this July and are already on track to be just as popular as their smiley-face predecessors Scrub Daddy and Scrub Mommy. The soft launch for the products resulted in Scour Daddy selling out within days online. Long-time retailers of the Scrub Daddy range Robert Dyas, The Yorkshire Trading Company and QD Stores have already placed orders, securing their place among the first locations consumers can shop the new items.

Scour Daddy’s core is made from the same FlexTexture® foam as The Original Scrub Daddy. By adjusting the temperature of your water, you control your scour power. In warm water it becomes soft and malleable and in cool water it firms up to tackle particularly tough jobs. An exclusive ArmorTec® mesh encases the foam and provides its own set of unique properties. The mesh is heat-treated in manufacturing to release food particles easily while of course remaining scratch-free. It also adds considerable strength and durability to the product making it one of the longest lasting products yet. A built in loop on each Scour Daddy makes drying and storing easy. 

Watch the Scour Daddy product video here

Sponge Daddy features the same dual-sided design as Scrub Mommy, reimagined in a traditional rectangular shape! Two high performance materials, FlexTexture and ResoFoam®, deliver a contrast of cleaning benefits. Remove stuck-on or sticky debris with the FlexTexture scrubbing side then flip to soak up spills, generate soap suds and wipe surfaces dry with the ResoFoam sponge side. Available in multiple colours, Sponge Daddy makes it easy to colour-code jobs throughout the home.

Watch the Sponge Daddy product video here

The new products have been tried and tested by Instagram’s “cleanfluencers” like Lynsey Queen Of Clean and Dazlin Cleaning. Both passed their quality check with flying colours!

The full product range of Scrub Daddy including the new arrivals, Sponge Daddy and Scour Daddy, will be immediately available nationwide online from, Amazon and Ebay.