NEW Stylish Silicone Collection CombinesFunctionality and FormMuted tones mean weaning has never looked so good!

Expert weaning brand Vital Baby has added to its NOURISH range with the launch of a stylish collection of weaning products that combines supreme functionality with super-style. This new collection of bowls, plates, spoons and mats are made from 100% super-soft, durable silicone and comes in a delicious range of muted tones, from ‘Crushed Mint’, ‘Sweet Butterscotch’, ‘Blush Raspberry, ‘Dusky Mauve’ and ‘Moody Blue’. 

The new collection is perfect for when little ones start to wean, all the way through to toddlerhood and beyond, for stress and mess free mealtimes. The range has a starting RRP of £10 and is available to buy now from selected retailers and at


silicone suction bowl set
silicone suction plate
silicone spoons
NOURISH silicone grippy mat

This range is ideal for when baby wants to start feeding themselves and for baby-led weaning, to help them gain more self-feeding confidence.  It is available as part of a coordinated toddler feeding essentials range, including plates, bowls, pots, cups and more. Click here for more information.

NOURISH silicone suction bowl set: Super strong suction pad prevents tips, spills, splats and tears at mealtimes, whilst the bowl’s scooped sides to help keep food contained and encourages little ones to use cutlery independently. Silicone spoon is also included.

NOURISH silicone suction plate:

Four strong suction pads and scooped sides help to give little ones ultimate control while building their self-feeding confidence and cutlery skills.  Divided areas encourage them to try different foods and textures, while also helping you ensure they have a balanced meal.

NOURISH silicone spoons:

  Super-soft and shallow tips are gentle on sensitive gums and perfectly sized for little mouths to avoid overwhelming them with large amounts of food.   The chunky, easy-grip handle makes them comfortable for both parents to hold and baby to grip on to. The integrated hygiene footrest rest keeps the tip of the spoon off any surface and away from nasty germs and bacteria.

NOURISH silicone grippy mat: Designed to be durable and protect surfaces from scuffs and scratches, our silicone grippy mat is the perfect surface for baby-led weaning. The raised edge helps to keep mess and spills contained, and when they’re finished you can simply lift from the table and rinse it off in the sink!

This collection is all BPA, Latex & Phthalate free. They can be microwaved and are top rack dishwasher safe (max. 65°C), as well as being suitable for all methods of sterilisation (including UV sterilisation). This range is suitable for little ones from 4 months plus.