South African Fruit is delighted to have teamed up with top food influencer Charley’s Health, who has created and featured 2 delicious seasonal vegan recipes featuring South African plums on her social media and blog. South African plums, peaches and nectarines are counter-seasonal, and so are all available when European produce isn’t, meaning that we’re lucky enough to enjoy beautiful sunshine fruit even in the winter. South African stone fruits are available in all major UK retailers until May. The South African fruit industry prides itself on supporting various ethical and transformation initiatives that focus on training, worker welfare, skills development and land ownership projects for its growers.

South African stone fruit health and nutrition facts:
• High in fibre
• An excellent source of vitamin A and C
• Low in fat, calories, cholesterol and sodium
• High in carotene and potassium
These recipes are free to use in your publication. Contact details can be found at the end of the release. The new recipes and photography below are free to use in your publication, and easy online links to each recipe are below:
Link to Vegan Vanilla Frosted South African Plum Cupcakes recipe Here
Link to Vegan South African Plum Sponge recipe Here

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