OceanSaver Launch Brand Building Campaign: The Ocean Will Thank You & Partnership with Marine Conservationists, Blue Marine Foundation

OceanSaver® (www.Ocean-saver.com) is to make its TV debut helping its mission to save Ocean life from the plastic pollution and the harmful chemicals in 28 billion single-use plastic cleaning products created every year. OceanSaver provides plastic-free, plant-based Laundry, Cleaning Sprays, and Dishwashing products that clean like the leading brands without harming Ocean life.

OceanSaver were one of 5 winners of the Sky Zero Footprint Fund, which awarded the small team £250,000 worth of TV media across Sky Media’s portfolio of TV channels. OceanSaver’s campaign idea “The Ocean Will Thank You” is a fun and radically positive way to encourage people to make an easy everyday switch to save our Ocean. The wider campaign launches on Earth Day, 22nd April 2024 across OOH, social and in store activitieswith the TV advert kicking in on the 25th. Aiming to inspire a reconnection with the waters that surround us introduces the nation’s new favourite crabs Bluey, Lil’ Hermit, Fiddler and Hairy Harry, along with the OceanSaver jingle, sung by the incredible Bristolian sea shanty group, The Longest Johns. Watch the TV advert here.

OceanSaver’s first ever TV campaign, introduces the nation to a new brand platform, “The Ocean will Thank You”, and a new set of brand mascots, the singing crabs, all created by Hearts & Minds.  The film features a quartet of crabs, surprising a man named Gareth as he puts his washing on using an ocean-friendly laundry capsule. The crabs burst into a sea shanty to thank him for his efforts. The TV spot was written by Andy George and Jonathan Thake, and directed by the award-winning Jake Mavity, of Rogue Films. The ads were produced using AdGreen standards, with minimal carbon usage, all of which was triple offset.

Andy George, Founder of Hearts and Minds, says,This category, and eco comms in general, so often deploy shock tactics or shame as a way to influence people’s purchases. Which just isn’t very effective. So, we’re very grateful to have found a partner in OceanSaver who share our belief in the power of positivity, entertainment, and a simple thank you, to get to Britain buying better for the Ocean and for the planet.”

OceanSaver’s new crab creations are set to become the meerkats of the Ocean, and the team is excited for the nation to fall in love with them. OceanSaver will also put their crab characters on all owned assets, so the more famous they are, the more recognisable the brand will be, and the greater the impact they’ll be able to make on Ocean health.

As part of the brand building from launch on Earth Day, OceanSaver will buy ad space via Sky AdSmart and Video on Demand, targeting the top 20% of the most environmentally engaged households, using location-based targeting (obtained via DTC and Tesco sales data). The advert will reach 630,000 households every week, creating an excellent uplift in brand awareness bolstered by location targeted YouTube and Meta ads.

Adam Parker, Re-Founder and Marketing Director at OceanSaver says, “We need to save the Ocean, so the Ocean can save us. We’re crabsolutely delighted to partner with Sky and the Longest Johns to take our positive message to millions. Now anyone can switch from plastic and harmful chemicals – the Ocean will thank you. These are simple switches that can create impact for generations.”

Sarah Jones, Director of Planning, Sky Media, added: “OceanSaver’s advert shares a really important message – small changes make a huge difference. Something that is crucial to Sky Media’s mission in tackling the climate crisis. The Sky Zero Footprint Fund celebrates brands that make sustainable swaps easy and enticing. OceanSaver delivered exactly this in their humorous, creative campaign. We’re really excited to get this creative live and see the huge impact it is going to have on the cleaning products market.”

OceanSaver will also be looking to their community to make the most of this pivotal opportunity in the challenger brand’s journey, encouraging maximum organic sharing and viewing of the ad on YouTube by incentivising sharing, for every share, theywill donate the cost of an oyster to their partners Blue Marine Foundation, creating restorative new oyster reefs in the Solent (up to a value of £5000); OceanSaver will also partner with TikTok creators to re-share and riff on the ad.


OceanSaver’s range of plastic-free, plant-based laundry, cleaning sprays, and dishwashing products clean like the leading brands without harming Ocean life. They are affordable and readily available in your local Tesco and ASDA stores as well as online via Ocado, Amazon and www.Ocean-saver.com; the brand is also available to wholesale, and is becoming increasingly popular in refil shops, health stores, catering, schools and B&Bs around the country.


Every other breath you take comes from plankton in the Ocean. If the planet was your body, the Ocean would be your lungs. It acts like a life support system, producing 90% of our oxygen and removing most of the CO2 in the atmosphere. This is at risk due to plastic pollution and harmful chemicals; as consumers, we can make small changes, with a big impact by being mindful of what we put down our drains and in our waste.

The Ocean is the missing puzzle piece to help solve the climate crisis. If we had the Ocean life we had in 1950 there wouldn’t be the crisis there is today, but the Ocean has been neglected from much scientific modelling. The Ocean can give us hope because it can recover, if we let it, and quickly. There’s so much action that we can take today to make a difference.

OceanSaver is building the first Ocean megabrand in consumer goods, harnessing the unparalleled connection we all have with our Ocean to enable anyone to become an OceanSaver. Every product bought makes an impact, with over 2 million pieces of plastic and 11,000 litres of harmful chemicals saved from our Ocean so far. In addition, from April 2024. for every OceanSaver packbought, the team will donate 1% of proceeds to the Blue Marine Foundation (www.bluemarinefoundation.com), restoring vital marine habitats with the Solent Seascape Project, home to our native shellfish, cuttlefish, sea horses, sharks, and dolphins. To date, 200,000 people have become an OceanSaver, saying “pollocks to plastic”.

Charles Clover, Co-Founder, Blue Marine Foundation, says, “We’re grateful for OceanSaver’s contribution to supporting our pioneering work in the Solent Seascape Project – the first seascape scale restoration project in the UK. By making small everyday changes at home, we can help restore the health of our Ocean.”



Brilliant clean at 20; easy stain removal; Ocean life friendly

OceanSaver Non-Bio Laundry Capsules (from  £9.99 per pack of 34 pods) are the first and only liquid laundry capsules that don’t harm Ocean life, raising industry standards with a category first. All liquid laundry pods on the market, including the supposedly “eco-friendly” ones, contain ingredients at levels that are harmful to Ocean life, just check the back of pack. Unlike all other liquid laundry capsules on the market, OceanSaver does not carry the “harmful to aquatic life” warning.

OceanSaver Non-Bio Laundry Capsules are made with a powerful plant-based Ocean life friendly formula, they clean, remove stains, and freshen every time, even on cold washes (20 degrees) and with zero residue. Independent testing has confirmed their performance on all the usual and unusual things you spill on your clothes, including baby food, spaghetti sauce, grass, and blood to ensure they match the standards of other leading brands, for the same price and they’re readily available to buy nationwide.

OceanSaver Non-Bio Laundry Capsules are 100% plastic-free and contain zero microplastics. They are hypoallergenic and kind to sensitive skin. They’re also vegan and animal-cruelty-free. Your laundry cansave Ocean life.


Fantastic performance, Ocean friendly ingredient & soon to be the #1 plastic-free dishwasher tablet.

OceanSaver Eco Dishwasher Tablets (from £8.50 per pack of 30 tabs) are the top-performing eco-friendly dishwasher tablet in Europe, providing a brilliant clean beyond what was previously thought to be possible from an eco-friendly, phosphonate-free product, so much so it outperforms even non-eco brands.

Our Ocean is drowning in plastic. Most dishwasher tablets on the market come in non-kerbside recyclable plastic packaging or are individually wrapped in plastic. They also contain phosphonates that can harm UK waterways.

OceanSaver designed their plastic-free, zero waste dishwasher tablets to clean as well as the leading brands without harming Ocean life. The powerful plant and mineral-based formula combines salt and rinse aid to give you a brilliant clean every time, with no residue, even in hard water areas, at low temperatures, or on a quick wash. They’re also vegan and animalcruelty-free.

OceanSaver Eco Dishwasher Tablets are so good, restaurants, hotels, B&Bs, and pubs across the UK use them. What’s the catch?  There is none.


Save space, save money, save plastic, save our Ocean.

Did you know that cleaning sprays are 98% water? Help save plastic waste from reaching the Ocean with the original and most-loved OceanSaver innovation, the EcoDrop Spray Refills. Every EcoDrop you use saves one plastic cleaning bottle from the Ocean, just drop one of OceanSaver;s plant based, non-toxic refills into an empty bottle filled with tap water and shake! OceanSaver EcoDrrops come in seven formulations: Antibacterial, Antibacterial & Disinfectant, Bathroom, Kitchen, Glass, Floors, Shower and Multipurpose (Lavender and Apple).

The refills’light weight means 85% lower CO2 emissions (the same quantity of conventional sprays would take 12 trucks vs 1 trucklaod of OceanSaver) and they’re half the price of other plant-based brands (like Method and Ecover) and price-matched to Dettol (which isn’t plant based). No fuss, no mess, zero plastic waste, cheaper than buying a new plastic bottle and they’re proven to clean like the leading brands and take up less space.

OceanSaver stand by all their products with a gold-plated money back guarantee; love the product or they’ll refund you and buy you your old cleaning product again for free. What’s to lose?

Become an OceanSaver: The Ocean Will Thank You.


  • GROCERY: Tesco, ASDA
  • ONLINE: Ocado, Amazon
  • SPECIALITY: B&Q, Abel & Cole
  • WHOLESALERS & DISTRIBUTORS: Booker, Findel Education (Schools Supplier), Ecoliving, CLF, Hunts, Greencity Wholefoods, Independent Irish Healthfoods, Dundeis


  • Eco Dishwasher Tablets (from RRP £8.50 per pack of 30 tabs)
  • Eco Laundry Sheets (from RRP £6.50 per pack of 30 sheets)
  • Non-Bio Laundry Detergent Pods (from RRP £9.99 per pack of 34 pods)
  • Eco Cleaning Cloths (RRP £7.99 per pack of five cloths)
  • EcoDrop Spray Refills (from RRP £1.75 per refill)


With the original OceanSaver founder John Buitekant stepping back from the business, 2023 saw the appointment of a new team of Re-Founders, Rhys Harvey (ex Popchips and Plenish Drinks), Emma King (ex Kiddylicious), Suzie Kenny (ex Popchips) and Adam Parker (ex Oral-B and PÄRLA) the team has over 30 years of combined brand, sales, finance and operations experience. The board includes FMCG heavy hitters Chris Britton (Ella’s kitchen, graze, The Collective, Tails.com), Sally Preston MBE (Kiddylicious) and Kara Rosen (Plenish). The collective have re-founded the business with the ambition to create the first Ocean megabrand in consumer goods, harnessing the unparalleled connection we all have with the Ocean.

Adam Parker, Re-Founder and Marketing Director at OceanSaver says, “Humans are deeply connected to the Ocean – it’s in our DNA – and our breath literally depends on it. We’re harnessing the incredible pull of the Ocean and the magic of Ocean life to effect positive change. If we all become more connected to the Ocean, the world would be a better place, and we’d all be happier. As we say in our TV ad, “The Ocean will thank you.”

Adam Parker says of becoming a Re-Founder, “I see the role of a “re-Founder” to be the servant of the brand mission. It’s not about us as individuals – we’re just taking the baton forward and trying to use the platformwe have to change how people do their cleaning forever.”

In the past year, OceanSaver has more than doubled sales to £2million, launched 12 new products, grown to over 10,000 retail distribution points, recruited over 1500 investors in their crowdfund, and created the award-winning “The Ocean will thank you” marketing campaign.

Disrupting a £4billion category in the UK alone, OceanSaver is targeting a 3% market share (valued at £124million in retail sales) in the next 5 years. OceanSaver is hyper focused on three categories in the UK for the time being, Surface Care, Dish Care and Fabric Care. Over the coming years, OceanSaver will turn its attention to new categories and international markets.

OceanSaver is targeting strong, sustainable growth driven by a mix of retail and e- commerce performance. With ambitions of becoming a household megabrand, dishwasher and laundry products have been developed throughout 2022 and 2023 before launching in 2024. OceanSaver now has the breadth of product to be able to take the brand to the nation.

Importantly, becoming an OceanSaver extends far beyond just cleaning homes with Ocean-friendly products, OceanSaver is fuelling a community of Ocean thought leaders, sustainable brands, and engaged OceanSavers to advocate for Ocean conservation.


Blue Marine   Foundation (www.bluemarinefoundation.com) is filling a niche in the NGO world, enabling marine conservation to happen fast and effectively having secured commitments to protect over 4million square kilometres of Ocean in 21 project locations all over the world.

Blue Marine works using a combination of top-down intervention to improve governance of our seas and bottom-up project delivery to help local communities who are at the front line of Ocean conservation.

Blue Marine’s key strategic interventions include securing marine protected areas to ensure the protection of at least 30% of the Ocean by 2030; developing models of sustainable fishing proving that low-impact fishing benefits marine life, local fishers and communities; restoring marine habitats to revive and protect vulnerable and threatened species and to sequester carbon; tackling unsustainable fishing by highlighting poor practice and developing solutions.


OceanSaver is working to help the Blue Marine Foundation with The Solent Seascape Project through their 1% commitment of proceeds and via their ‘The Ocean Will Thank You’ campaign. The project is the first nature-based solutions and seascape scale recovery restoration project of its kind in the UK.

The Solent Seascape Project will be the first of its kind in the UK to initiate seascape scale recovery. The long-term vision is to protect and restore at least 30% of the Solent’s seascape. Blue Marine Foundation will provide nature-based solutions, as well as helping to fight the impacts of climate change by working with local stakeholders and communities, actively restoring oysters, saltmarsh, seagrass and seabird nesting sites, scientific monitoring, policy and regulations work and exploring sustainable financing mechanisms.

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