Personalised Children’s Story Book that will make the perfect Christmas Gift

Based in Dublin, Ireland, the creators of One Time Before – a customisable children’s story book – have a real passion for sharing their fond childhood memories with their own children, and doing so in an interesting and creative way.

Written by Lisanne Downer, the idea for the book came to her one day whilst speaking to her own children about what her childhood was like, only to be met with complete blank faces. Explaining that on demand cartoons, tablets and flashing gizmos didn’t exist when she was younger, sparked an idea to create a book to easily show her children how the world actually did look when she was their age. One Time Before allows an adult to take a trip down memory lane with this customisable, beautifully illustrated book that puts them and their child in the story, when they were exactly the same age.

Using a simple, and easy to use, web based platform, users simply customise their own characters, selecting from hair colour and style to skin tone. They then choose the decade when they were their child’s age from the 50’s, 60’s, 70’s and 90’s and the illustrations throughout the book will automatically update. The user can then add the adult and child’s name, as well as creating a unique message on a special dedication page. Before
purchasing, users can see a preview of the book they are about to buy.
By putting growing readers in the middle of the action, One Time Before creates an instant, profound connection to the story, the moment, and the grown-up who made it possible. Something very special happens when a child sees themself in an adventure story – it’s a positive message, told in an endlessly fun way. Each and every book printed – at a base in Dublin – is unique, just like the child in the story.

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Deluxe hardcover with gift wallet – €25
Softcover with gift wallet – €19
All prices include delivery to Ireland and UK.