Orchard Toys Launch Whole new collection of toys.

Exciting times ahead with the new arrivals from Orchard Toys

First Sounds Lotto is a sound game for very young children. Designed to encourage sound recognition and observation skills, players match sounds to pictures in this colourful lotto game. Players can choose whether to make the sounds themselves or to use the free Orchard Toys App to generate the sounds. First Sounds Lotto also includes a colourful 6-piece puzzle to encourage discussion with young children. Age 2 years +, SRP £8.30

Sleepy Sloths is a very simple sound and action game for toddlers. Players take turns to identify familiar items and make the correct noise loud enough to wake up their sleepy sloths! Pre-schoolers will love the simple gameplay and adorable sloth characters.

Age 2 years +, SRP £8.30

Loopy Llamas is guaranteed to have children laughing as they race around the swimming pool playing board collecting patterned rings to loop onto their 3D llama characters. Players will need a keen eye to collect each of their five patterned rings, before making their way to the diving board and launching their llama into the pool! As with all of Orchard Toys’ games and jigsaw, Loopy Llamas is teacher tested.

Age 4 years +, SRP £10.50

Prehistoric mammoths make a magnificent return in Mammoth Maths! Players race around the board solving addition and subtraction problems in a bid to be the first back to the cave, using the magic viewer to check their answers along the way. Children solve maths problems on the stone printed cards and hook them onto their mammoth’s trunk. Mammoth Maths is another fantastic game to help practise maths from Orchard Toys.

Age 5-8 years, SRP £12.95

First Times Tables is a fun introduction to 2, 5 and 10 times tables. Not only can it be used as a learning resource to introduce young children to multiplication, but it also gives parents the tools to help teach their child. Once children have become familiar with the concept of multiplication they can play the fun pancake flipping themed game to put their new skills to the test!

Age 5-8 years, SRP £8.30

Times tables practise will be filled with fun with Times Tables Heroes, which features two very different games. The first is a board game where players complete multiplication sums from 2 to 12 and battle it out to save the city with their superhero powers. The second is a fast-paced bingo where players practise their times tables as they race to get three in a row. The colourful design with challenging yet engaging gameplay will appeal to slightly older players.

Age 6-9 years, SRP £10.50

No Orchard Toys collection would be complete without a jigsaw puzzle and this addition is certainly a magical one! Unicorn Friends is a 50-piece jigsaw that shows a unicorn and its friends in a magical setting, with lots of things for children to look out for! The giant poster included is not only great value but will also make a great addition to any unicorn lovers’ playroom or bedroom.  

Age 4 years +, SRP £11.00

Stockists: Available at all good toy shops, major stores and online at https://www.orchardtoys.com/