Orchard Toys new games help children continue learning at home

New fun games from Orchard Toys, including First Times Tables and Times Tables Heroes, help entertain children and make learning at home fun. 

Alongside new games, the Orchard Toys collection of family favourites provides lots of games, puzzles and activity books for children to have fun with learning, covering pre-school, KS1 and KS2 – all have been designed in collaboration with educational professionals.

According to a recent Orchard Toys survey, nearly half of parents of primary school children (47%) would love to know how they can make learning at home more fun for their child.  To help parents, Orchard Toys has a collection of FREE Things To Do which can be downloaded from its website (Click here) covering fun activity sheets for spelling, basic maths, telling the time and crafts.  

NEW times tables games

Created to enhance learning and educational development, and help children become fluent in times tables.     Designed and tested with support from teachers, they’ll help children brush up on their times tables skills, develop their understanding of numbers, and have some fun in the process.

NEW Orchard Toys First Times Tables is a fun introduction to understanding 2, 5 and 10 times tables. A learning resource to introduce young children to multiplication, it also gives parents the tools to help teach their child. Once children have become familiar with the concept of multiplication they can play the flippin’ fun pancake themed game to put their new skills to the test!  Age suitability 5-8 years Price £8.30

NEW Orchard Toys Times Tables Heroes features two very different games, catering for two levels of difficulty. The first is a board game where players complete multiplication sums from 2 to 12 and battle it out to save the city with their superhero powers – making it great for imaginative play too. The second is a fast-paced bingo where players practice their 2, 5 and 10 times tables as they race to get three in a row. Age suitability 6-9 years Price £10.50

Developing number, counting and spelling skills, Orchard Toys favourites include:

Orchard Toys Magic Maths: a magical addition, subtraction and multiplication game. Players use the rub and reveal cards to check their answers and if correct add a yucky ingredient to their board! The fun features and magical theme ensures children get carried away having fun whilst practicing their number and counting skills.  Age suitability 5-7 years (KS1 Maths)  Price £12.95

Orchard Toys Magic Spelling: a spellbinding literacy game. Players need a keen eye to find hidden letters through the magic viewer to spell words. They then check their spelling using the magical rub and reveal cards, if correct they add an ingredient to their spell book and cast their spell to win the game!  Age suitability 5-7 years Price £12.95

Orchard Toys Match and Spell: a first reading and spelling activity/game. Children take turns to find letters and spell words in this fun single player activity or multiplayer game with two ways levels of difficulty. Young children can learn letter recognition, phonetic word building and matching pictures to words in this bestselling literacy game. Age suitability 4+years Price £8.50

NEW Mammoth Maths: Prehistoric mammoths make a magnificent return in this fun numbers game! Players race around the board solving addition and subtraction problems in a bid to be the first back to the cave, using the magic viewer to check their answers along the way. Children solve maths problems on the stone printed cards and hook them onto their mammoth’s trunk. Age suitability 5-8 years Price £12.95

Orchard Toys What’s the Time Mr Wolf?: a fun board game to develop digital and analogue time telling skills. There are two ways to play this educational game – one by matching analogue times and moving the clock hands, and the second by matching digital times to analogue. Children will have fun posting cards into the 3D wolf.Age suitability 5-9 years Price £10.50

To support parents, Orchard Toys has suggestions of games bundles for pre-schoolers, and Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 at www.orchardtoys.com

Stockists: available at all good toy shops, major stores, and online at www.orchardtoys.com