Championing Mums That Pump!

Whether you feed your baby directly or through pumping, we all know breastfeeding is an important experience for every mum. To help mothers who are unable to directly breast feed, using a breast pump means that your baby doesn’t have to miss out!

Pumping takes time and commitment. In recognition, World Breast Pumping Day celebrates every pumping mums’ dedication to providing baby with her breastmilk. Of course, it helps to have a powerful, discreet and flexible pumping partner by your side to make the experience a little easier. This trusted companion is a Pippeta Breast Pump

These compact pumps will fit in to your bra and your schedule, with minimum fuss and complete discretion. Plus, there’s no need to take ‘time out’ to pump. Whilst the pump effectively and quietly expresses your milk, your hands are free to enjoy cuddles or carry on with household chores – the choice is yours!

Lactation Consultant, Maria Myers agrees: “Pipetta pumps provide the much-needed convenience and flexibly that is so desired when you are devoting your time to pump liquid love for your child. These products are designed to make every step of your pumping journey just that little bit more rewarding and calming.”

Pippeta’s range of award-winning, hands-free breast pumps are not ‘just’ helpful high-technology products; a Pippeta pump will become your BFF, supporting you on your breastfeeding journey! And with free lactation support, from a fully qualified Lactation Consultant, offered with every pump, Pippeta really has everything covered for you and baby.

Designed with comfort in mind, they utilise soft, flexible silicone breast shields that conform to your breast shape to reduce the risk of discomfort and soreness you might have experienced with traditional flanges.

These pumps also have a long use time of 90-100 minutes and a charging time of just 2.5 hours, which means you can pump as much milk as your body allows without any interruptions. Plus, with a 180ml bottle capacity, you can ensure that you have more than enough milk for your little one every day.

The Pippeta range includes: the Original LED, Classic Dual LED and the Compact LED. These innovative pumps adapt to your unique rhythm, providing a gentle and subtle pumping experience. The whisper-quiet operation means that it remains your silent ally, offering you the freedom to embrace every aspect of motherhood.

The Original LED RRP: £69.99
With a soft silicone cup that fits snug around your breast, the Pippeta Original pump makes the journey of breastfeeding much easier. A premium pump without the premium price tag, it’s available in two colours, Sea Salt & Ash Rose.    
Classic Dual LED RRP: £89.99

This is the UK’s ONLY wearable dual & single pump! The ‘Classic’ makes it possible to pump while on the go, as well as dual pumping – no wonder it’s a market leader. Being small and lightweight this pump can be worn in 2 ways, as a dual pump (using the tubes included) or simply put inside your nursing bra, with no tubes or wires for hands-free pumping. It features a soft silicone cup that fits snug around your breast and comes with 4 modes and an amazing 12 suction levels.

Compact LED RRP: £98.99

This NEW, award-winning, exclusive ‘Compact’ hands free pump, is designed with a soft silicone curved cup that fits snug around your breast. It has a massage setting and 12 suction levels across four modes.

Pippeta pumps are quiet, comfortable, easy to clean and easy to assemble, taking away the fuss and restrictions traditionally associated with breast pumping. They’re small, lightweight, and can be worn in your nursing bra. When you’ve finished expressing, simply remove the cup from the pump and empty into your baby bottles or freezing bags!

Pippeta Pumps can be purchased from www.Pippeta.com as well as major and independent retailers.