Remember to keep those precious little feet protected in the sun.

It’s been a long time coming but the sun has finally made an appearance.

Parents know how important it is to protect their little one’s face and body from the sun and are sure to have them covered head-to-toe in SPF50+ as well as a sun hat. However, there is one area of the body that can often be missed…the feet.

Remembering to protect the top and bottom of those precious little feet is so important as the skin here is really sensitive. It not only burns easily but can also sustain cuts whilst playing on the beach or in the garden. The tops of little feet and toes can often be grazed while little ones crawl around outside.

Dotty Fish sandals are podiatry approved soft leather baby shoes which are both flexible and lightweight, ideal for keeping those little feet cool while still protecting them during the summer months.

As with all Dotty Fish shoes the leather is tested to ensure it is chrome free and they are designed with an extra-wide toe area, so they don’t restrict foot movement and growth. An elasticated ankle trim means they are well-fitting and don’t keep coming off so ideal for wearing on the beach or in the garden, enabling everyone to enjoy the summer without sore feet!

Helen Chapman, founder of Dotty Fish said “As a parent I know only too well how many things there are to worry about and how easy it is to feel guilty that you aren’t doing a good job. I really worry about the sun and cover my family in factor 50 as soon as the sun comes out! Knowing that the shoes we sell at Dotty Fish help protect little feet is so reassuring to me. Our business is all about providing quality summer baby shoes at an affordable price that are good for growing little feet.”

Available in lots of colours and designs, so whatever you’ve got planned this summer Dotty Fish has the perfect soft-sole summer sandal.

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