RESULTS ARE IN! Twycross Zoo test ‘Which great ape family are you?’


We all know that the great apes are our closest living relative but have you ever wondered which species you are most like?  As the only zoo in the UK that is home to all four great apes Twycross Zoo is an expert on primates, and as such decided to host a quiz to determine which species visiting families could most relate to.   

In a result that is sure to divide households all over the country, a staggering 1,171 people took part on International Primate Day (1st September) and the results are now in. 32.8% of those families are most like orang utans, 28.9% are bonobos, 27.9% gorillas and just 10.4% are chimpanzees.

The award-winning conservation charity asked a series of questions about visitors’ personality traits and eating habits in order to determine which great ape most fit their family.

The test revealed some very interesting findings with a 37% majority describing their family as laidback and easy going as opposed to loud and boisterous, energetic and mischievous and quiet and reserved.

Almost 50% said that females rule the roost in their family, similarly to bonobos, as opposed to just over 7% for men. However, almost a quarter said that it’s a team effort with both men and women taking equal roles and just over 20% said that their family is full of strong individuals and it’s often every person for themselves!

Also, heart-warmingly, those answering voted their favourite family past time as simply spending time together, just like gorillas, however, eating did come in at a very close second. Oh and some families enjoy causing chaos together… interesting!

When it comes to favourite foods, in terms of ape diet, fruit was the standout winner, comfortably fending off nuts and seeds in second, vegetables in third and leafy salads fourth.

With regards to meal time itself, it seems like the majority enjoy tucking in to big meals with their families. However, just over a fifth like to eat alone and almost 17% enjoy to eat little but often. Meal time also gets extremely messy for some families, with 2% saying it normally ends in a food fight!

Arguments amongst families are totally normal and it seems not everyone deals with them the same way. Sulking and avoiding each other proved popular, as it does with orang utans, so as did lots of shouting. Some families are more relaxed and settle it with a couple of stern grunts whilst a small amount fight and pick sides.

We all have habits, some of which are not the best, but in terms of family bad habits, throwing a tantrum was a clear winner, whilst messy eaters made up just over a fifth and screaming just over 18%. As expected, spitting, an orang utan habit, was extremely low, coming in at just 1.6%.

Everyone handles their problems differently and this became evident with the survey results. A 38% majority said they will think before they act, and 35% said they would stick at it with ultimate determination. Almost a fifth said they would act on impulse with a ‘do first, think later’ attitude, whilst just under 8% revealed they would give up within the first couple of minutes.

Matyas Liptovszky, Head of Life Sciences at Twycross Zoo, said: “It’s great to see how many families took part in our social media quiz to determine which great ape family they are most like. Each of the great apes have very different personalities and Twycross Zoo is the only place in the UK to see all four species.

“With our new online family offer this September, visiting families can really make the most of their day out with us, as well as stop and see the ape family that they most resemble here at the zoo!”

There has never been a better time to support the midlands conservation charity and enjoy a great day out for all the family too as Twycross Zoo is now offering a family saver ticket priced just £55* for up two adults and two children, available every day in September, online only.

To take advantage of the family saver ticket and to try the quiz visit here.