Revolutionary, Fuss-free Temperature Monitoring from the World’s Smallest Smart Temperature Patch

  • The world’s smallest, lightest, cloud-connected thermometer patch
  • Bluetooth enabled, real-time body temperature monitoring/ alert system
  • Smart, non-invasive and easy-to-use
  • Highly accurate measuring

Soft and flexible for continuous, comfortable wear (36-hours)

If your baby is unwell and feverish, taking their temperature regularly can be tricky without causing additional irritation or upset.

Yet monitoring and keeping track of your baby’s body temperature couldn’t be easier thanks to the Temp Pal® Bluetooth Smart Thermometer.

As well as being the World’s Smallest Smart Monitoring patch, measuring about the same size as a £1-coin, Temp Palis alsoless obtrusive and more accurate at +/- 0.05 °, than other smart temperature monitoring methods.

This tiny, non-invasive and soft flexible device features a high-performance temperature sensor, customised thin battery (which lasts 2-3 days) and a Bluetooth® radio.

It will continuously measure baby’s temperature and wirelessly communicate the results to a smart phone or tablet. The easy-to-wear patch transmits data to a secure cloud via its own mobile app, generating real-time charts and alerts as needed. This enables parents to monitor and review fluctuating temperatures to help identify when best to administer medicines or adapt external room temperatures. Furthermore, its quick pairing, accurate measurements and auto re-scan capabilities ensure you always stay connected.

Accurate – offering unparalleled comfort.  Exact to less than 0.05°C (0.9°F), allowing clinical grade body temperature measurement.

  • Tiny & Light – Slightly larger than a £1 coin, weighs only: 3.3 g, only 1/3 of a £1 coin weight 28.5 mm x 26.8 mm x 3.52 mm (Length x Width x Thickness)
  • Comfortable – Using medical-grade, composite TPE material and adopting 3M adhesive medical tape. It is soft, skin-friendly, breathable hypoallergenic and flexible to body curve, bonding the skin comfortably.
  • Smart wearable – Using Temp Pal solution with cloud database services through Bluetooth and mobile device connecting wirelessly, you can now access real-time temperature data and react on real-time alert. With one- to-one and multiple real-time temperature data sharing. This makes monitoring easier for family members checking multiple children.

Safety – Verified ISO 10993 biocompatible-proof, Temp Pal does not cause irritation, allergies and it is non-toxic. Medical grade stainless steel forming technology, waterproof and sweat proof. Continuous use will not make it hot to the skin. Completely safe and worry-free.

Temp Pal can also be used for observing temperature during fertility monitoring to track a woman’s basal body temperature to help calculate the best time for getting pregnant. Simply placed under the armpit (of an adult or baby) using double-sided medical adhesive, the non-allergenic patch, which is made from flexible medical-grade plastic, shapes to the skin. It can be worn continuously, for up to 36-hours if required, before it needs re-charging. Feeling similar to Band Aid plaster, you’ll forget you’re even wearing it.

Temp Pal is available from Baby-Central, RRP: £79.99