Rosey Davidson is the founder and Lead Sleep Consultant for Chill Baby Baby Sleep (@just_chill_mama), an Infant Sleep Consultancy focused on providing straight forward, no-nonsense sleep advice to parents.

As a certified Sleep Consultant, Rosey has amassed over 85k followers across her social media platforms and offers regular Q&As, expert advice and online courses for babies and children as well as sleep deprived adults. As a successful businesswoman employing a team of consultants and a clinical psychologist, Rosey can give an insight into her work as a sleep consultant, entrepreneur and busy parent to her two daughters.

Celebrity Mums Choice Rosey is the sleep consultant of choice for many celebrity mums and dads, helping a number of highprofile clients improve the sleep of their families. She is extremely passionate about making sleep information accessible to all parents and offers a range of resources including her hugely popular online sleep courses, 1-2-1 consultations and free video content.

Joe Wick’s Sleep Tips This week Rosey did a Facebook Live with Joe Wicks, the Body Coach. Joe is father to one-year old daughter Indie and 4-month son Marley. Joe knows only too well how it feels to be a sleep deprived dad and was keen to find out more about Rosey’s baby sleeping techniques!

Rosey has helped thousands of parents train their babies and children to sleep better with her no-nonsense approach. She runs 1-2-1 coaching sessions for frazzled parents as well as online coaching courses such as Sleep Success for babies 6-9 months, Sleep Success for 10-18 months, Early Days and the Foundation of Sleep Guide 0-5 months and a Guide to Potty Training – perfect for lockdown home days.

How to Sleep Better for Adults Rosey has just launched her grown up sleeping course using some of the techniques she uses for her little ones. Aimed at adults who are struggling to fall asleep or wake up in the middle of the night and can’t get back to sleep. The course is also useful when sleep patterns have been thrown off kilter due to stress and anxiety. Rosey has clever expert tips for ‘Lockdown’ times when stress, anxiety and bad habits can keep us awake at night and play havoc with our mental and physical health.

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