Say Goodbye to Spills: Unveils the Ultimate Sipping Solution with the 360 Cup, the trailblazing Australian parenting essentials brand, celebrates a monumental milestone with the launch of their latest innovation: the 360 cup. With over 15 million sippy cups sold globally, is now taking their spill-free and leakproof expertise to new heights with this revolutionary addition to their lineup.

360 Degrees of Sipping Bliss: Say goodbye to spills and hello to freedom with the 360 cup. Crafted for little ones mastering the art of independent drinking, this cup features a super-soft silicone, lip-activated 360° drinking rim. Kids can sip from any angle, with flow control that adjusts based on pressure, ensuring minimal mess and maximum enjoyment.

Innovative Design, Effortless Handling: Designed with wide-profile handles for tiny hands, the 360 cup promotes self-led drinking and empowers independence. Twist the handles down for home use or up to lock and seal for leak-free travel – making hydration hassle-free on-the-go.

Hygienic, Convenient, and Oh-So-Clever: The 360 cup isn’t just smart; it’s also hygienic and convenient. A lip-activated silicone seal keeps the drinking rim clean when not in use. Plus, the clear lid and cup base allow for easy monitoring of liquid levels and promote hand-eye coordination during sipping sessions.

Versatile and Safe for Daily Adventures: With a generous 250ml capacity, suitable for both hot and cold liquids, the 360 cup is your go-to for everyday hydration. Microwave-safe cup base and dishwasher/steriliser-safe parts ensure hassle-free cleaning for busy parents.

Fun Colour Combinations for Every Style: Available in four vibrant colour combinations, the 360 cup adds a pop of personality to mealtime routines, making sipping sessions even more enjoyable for your little ones.

The 360 cup is now available from Amazon for just £7.99 bringing joy, independence, and spill-free sipping to households worldwide.