Seamless Sipping: Baby Sippy Cup – A Parent’s Best Friend in Every Sip

Finding the perfect sippy cup is not just about a cute design; it’s about practicality, safety, and making life a little easier. Thankfully Australian parenting brand have created the solution and with over 10 million sippy cups sold worldwide it’s fair to say it is parenting approved. The Sippy Cup is makes toddler hydration easy and spill free.

Weighted Straw for Mess-Free Sipping: A weighted straw that moves with the liquid, no matter how your little one tilts the cup. The Baby Sippy Cup ensures mess-free sipping, giving parents a break from cleaning up spills while allowing our curious explorers to sip happily without worries.

Parent-Friendly Design with Easy-Grip Handles: The easy-grip handles on the Sippy Cup make it a breeze for little hands to hold and navigate. This thoughtful design encourages self-sufficient drinking, fostering independence while minimising frustration for both toddlers and caregivers.

Convenient Flip-Top Lid for On-the-Go Hydration: When life gets busy, the last thing we need is a complicated sippy cup. The simple flip-top lid on the Sippy Cup makes on-the-go hydration hassle-free. Easy to open, easy to close – because parenting is complex enough.

Innovative Two-Way Valve for Leak-Free Adventures: No more soggy diaper bags! The unique two-way valve in this sippy cup guarantees a leak-free experience, whether it’s in your little one’s hands or tossed in your bag for an on-the-go adventure. Because as parents, we appreciate products that make life a little less messy.

Adaptable to Every Stage: From warm water to dishwasher cycles, the Sippy Cup is designed to adapt to your parenting needs. The base is microwave-safe for warming drinks, and the top-rack dishwasher-safe feature ensures quick and efficient cleaning. Versatility is a parent’s best friend!

Safe and Free from Harmful Chemicals: Baby values your child’s safety. The Sippy Cup is BPA, Phthalates, and PVC-free, made from PP and silicone with a steel weighted ball. As parents, we can trust that our little one is sipping from a cup free from harmful chemicals.

Multi-Functional Base for Every Age: The base of the Sippy Cup is a parenting marvel. Not only is it microwave-safe, but it also fits the spout and training cup lid for every age and stage. It’s like having a cup that grows with your child!

The 240ml Sippy Cup is available in 17 vibrant colours and tones and costs just £16.99 from Amazon