Small and speedy healing for Breastfeeding Mamas

Most breastfeeding mamas will experience sore or cracked nipples at some point in their breastfeeding journey. This can be caused by a number of factors such as an improper latch, incorrect positioning of your baby or sensitivity to saliva. Once the cause has been established (and fixed) Pippeta’s Silver Nip Cups will naturally soothe, heal and encourage faster recovery.

Pippeta’s Silver Nip cups are available as Tri-laminate Silver Cups, made from pure 999 silver with an inner layer of copper for maximum resistance (perfect for normal skin types) and Pure Silver Cups, made from 100% 999 silver (for super sensitive skin).

The cups are anatomically shaped, discreet, can be used underneath clothing and are specially moulded to fit every breast shape. They are also available in two sizes, regular and maxi. Designed to heal in between feeds, they can be used as often as needed to heal existing soreness, or as a preventative measure to prevent further discomfort.

Additionally, these ‘magic’ cups will last for your whole pregnancy, as well as any future pregnancies: they can be used, again and again! The gift that keeps on giving, they’re an environmentally friendly, lifelong BFF!

Lactation Consultant, Maria Myres says, “the practicality of using Silver Nipple Cups to aid and speed up healing far outweighs the use of nipple cream and pads.

“Silver cups utilise the antibacterial, antifungal characteristics that silver possesses, as well as sustaining a moist, wound healing environment by incorporating breastmilk too. The use of a few drops of breastmilk inside the silver cups not only speeds up the healing process, but also rules out allergic reactions that could occur with creams.”

She adds: “Using nipple cups also provides ‘extra space’ for the nipple to freely soak in a ‘milk bath’ and provides extra comfort by allowing room if there is swelling or other friction.”

Pippeta silver nip cups can be purchased from , as well as major and independent retailers! RRP: Trilaminate regular/maxi £25.99/£27.99. RRP: Pure 999 silver regular/maxi £35.99/£37.99. 

Why you should switch to silver:

Silver’s superpowers! Silver is a naturally healing, antiseptic, antibacterial and antifungal metal that encourages faster recovery. When combined with a drop of breastmilk, silver nip cups create a spacious, moist environment, perfect for treating sore nipples.

Silver saves money and the environment! Unlike costly nipple creams and breast pads, which could irritate and open healing wounds when removed, silver nip cups will last a lifetime!

Naturally antibacterial! So, there is no need for sterilisation. They just need a good rinse under warm water and a thorough dry between each use to keep them clean.

Silver suits everyone! Pure 999 silver is entirely hypoallergenic, and for the most part Tri-laminate silver, which includes copper is also a hypoallergenic metal.