STOCKED Appear on Dragons’ Den and Gain £50,000 Investment from Steven Bartlett

The Most Useful Food for your Freezer: Food you Love, in Way Less Time

East London based entrepreneurs Charlie Gilpin and Sam Moss of STOCKED ( appeared on TV screens nationwide on Thursday, 8th February 2024, as they took on BBC One’s Dragons’ Den. The childhood friends from Tunbridge Wells, Kent, presented their nutritious, chef-cooked, award-winning meals, which are frozen into space saving, personally portioned Blocks, to the Dragons, ultimately gaining £50,000 investment from Steven Bartlettfor 6% of their business

We greet Sam (29) and Charlie (30) in the Den, with the friends excited to take on the Dragons; looking around and being in the Den feels pretty surreal”, says Sam, after having grown up watching the show.  Sam introduces STOCKED, “We make revolutionary meals for modern lives, and we’re here today asking for £50,000 in return for 2% of the business. Charlie adds, “Maybe you’re a busy parent on the school run after a long day of work, or you’re a Dragon at the top of your game listening to two mates pitch you your next investment, either way, we all have less and less time to shop for, and cook, the meals that we love.” Sam adds, “We’ve all opened up our freezers to see zip locked bags filled with god knows what, buried under a pile of freezer burnt fish fingers, wouldn’t it be great to fill it with useful food that you actually want to eat?” Charlie continues, “We make high quality, chef cooked, award winning meals with a difference, they’re frozen into handy little blocks.” Sam adds, “These blocks can be transformed back into delicious dishes in under four minutes, with portion size controlled by you, every single time.” Charlie sums up the confident pitch, “So an investment today will allow us to expand our growing website channel and to create a retail-specific product, we’d love you to join our frozen food revolution and get freezers around the country STOCKED.”

Dragons’ Den guest star, investor and founding partner of Skims and co-Founder of Good American, Emma Grede, says“That chilli’s pretty lovely, I’m not gunna lie”; mum of two, Dragon Sara Davies adds, “You described my life perfectly, I am that busy mam on the school run, and busy Dragon, and I have freeze burned fish fingers in my freezer; honestly, now you say it, it seems so obvious, that it would be such a great idea from a portion control perspective and you just look at one and think, why has no one ever through about it before?” Charlie agrees, “There’s the portion control element, but you there’s also being able to choose how you serve it every time, you get so much more value out of a chilli con carne if you can put it with rice one day, or just put it on top of nachos when you’ve got people coming round, so that versatility is also really key to the blocks.” 

The Dragons call the pairs valuation of £2.5million, “really punchy”, and go on to interrogate the figures, with heavy investment into the brand, kitchen and a third of revenue going on digital marketing affecting profits, the Dragons begin to become more sceptical about investing. However, Steven Bartlett is known for his expertise in disruptive, digital-first brands; the challenge at hand is to build a chunky digital following and subscription base, that will create a compelling, and recognised, brand to go into retail, he says, “Dragons invest in a business where there is a tall mountain to climb and there is a lot of risk, but the question becomes for a Dragon, is the height of the mountain…does it match the aptitude of the climbers? And quite honestly, I think it does. The valuation is crazy, but I’m the fair Dragon, so I understand that valuations are what they are. There’s a lot of ways I can help.” Steven goes on to offer Sam and Charlie all of the money, for 6% of STOCKED. After chatting at the wall, Sam and Charlie try to drop the investment to 5% of the business, ultimately agreeing to Steven’s offer.

Charlie Gilpin says of the Dragons’ Den experience, “It was a surreal and amazing experience having grown up watching the show”, Sam Moss adds, “We couldn’t have picked a better Dragon to work with, Steven has an incredible, strong background in nutrition and marketing so we can’t wait to start working together, the partnership will allow us to develop a retail product to bring our mission to a whole new audience.”

Watch the whole episode now (or view STOCKED from 16:50) on BBC iPlayer now:


STOCKED Blocks are designed to give you a huge head-start in the kitchen, so you can make the meals you love in way less time. Sam and Charlie are on a mission to make the most useful, delicious and nourishing food you can have in your freezer, they freeze an array of delicious meals into handy, easily stored little Blocks that take less than five minutes to heat up and transform back into fresh and tasty meals. Each pack of Stocked contains eight Blocks, enough to make 2-4 meals; simply heat and eat them as they are or use them as building Blocks for an endless variety of meals.

With dishes inspired by cuisines from around the world (think Italian staples, fresh flavours from Indonesia and versatile Mexican dishes), you’ll have an array of inspiration to draw upon. Choose from Great Taste Award winning Chicken Tinga, Harissa Jackfruit orPork Rendang, or opt for specials like This™ Jalfrezi, Chick’n Satay or Tarragon ChickenHalf of STOCKED’s range is plant based, so there’s plenty for all diets and palates to choose from.

Serve your nutritious, flexible STOCKED Blocks simply with rice, a baked potato or pasta, use them as filings to level up your lunchtime wraps and sandwiches, get creative at dinner with tacos, nachos and curries or add eggs for levelled up brunch dishes. STOCKED have created dozens of recipes for inspiring ways to get creative with your Blocks, you’ll find No’rizo Eggs, eggs baked in smoky vegan chorizo, topped with creamy feta and bright coriander; whip up crunchy Jackfruit Lettuce Cups in minutes and you’ll have a filling, healthy lunch; emulate your favourite street food trader with Quick Birria Tacos, by heating Pork Rendang Blocks with chipotle paste, dividing between corn tortillas with a pinch of mozzarella and heating in a pan until golden brown and crispy! 

You’ll find Sam and Charlie at STOCKED’s North West London kitchen, making sure every Block is as delicious and nutritionally balanced as the last, using fresh ingredients and reputably sourced British meatEach dish is cooked in small batches, just like you would when batch cooking at home, but without all the weighing, labelling and bagging (not to mention all the shopping and chopping!). 

STOCKED offers space-efficient, easily portioned (avoiding wastage and making it easy to cater for different diets within your household), bright and attractive meals that will slot easily in your freezer for a convenient hack to home cooked family meals, beginner student cooking, handy post-pub meals, quick WFH lunches and a shortcut for ambitious, creative cooking.

STOCKED Kid Friendly Blocks 

STOCKED’s new Kid Friendly Blocks were created after a host of requests from their loyal crew, the Blockheads. Many of STOCKED’s customers have young children and Sam and Charlie kept hearing the question, can you make meals for them too? Dishes like the Classic Bolognese were already going down a treat as a family meal, but many of the other dishes were too spicy for tiny taste buds. This brought the idea for STOCKED full circle as Sam got the idea from his mum who used to freeze his food into ice cube trays when he was a kid.

STOCKED decided to trial some kid friendly dishes that are low in salt, packed full of veggies and contain no nasties. Beginning with Legendary Lentil Bolognese and Cheeky Chicken Tikka, they went down a total storm, so they recently added Champions Chicken Casserole and Super Veggie Chilli to the menu. STOCKED plan to continue to grow the range so that mini-Blockheads will never run out of choice! 

Now STOCKED is officially suitable for the whole family, you can whip up a meal for everyone in under 10 minutes. Whether you feed your kids at a different time of the evening, or you have a selection of fussy eaters, the customisable Blocks mean you can cater for all tastes, appetites, and schedules. Simply choose your Blocks, how many you’d like, and pair them with a side that everyone will eat – it doesn’t get much easier than that!

Orders of STOCKED start at £44.00 for four packs of eight Blocks; Blocks are priced from as little as £1.17 when you pick a six-pack subscription, courier delivery included.Order boxes as a one-offsave by subscribing or gift to house movers or new parents. Join the block party and get your freezer stocked at


·         Great Taste Award winning

·         50% plant-based 

  • Nutritious and preservative free
  • Low fat, high fibre, high protein
  • Fresh, high-quality ingredients, all meat sourced from British farms
  • Time saving: from pack to plate in as little as three minutes
  • Space efficient:2.5x more space efficient as an equivalent ready meal
  • Less food waste, with perfectly portioned Blocks and no need for leftovers
  • Versatile: check out STOCKED’s recipes for inspiration


Great Taste Award winning Pork Rendang 

  • British pork is slow braised with lemongrass, lime leaves, cinnamon and coconut. The result is tender shredded pork with green beans and potato, in a uniquely spiced, decadent sauce that will melt in your mouth
  • Serving suggestions: Roll in a roti, serve with eggs, finish off with fiery sambal

Great Taste Award winning Chicken Tinga 

  • Slow cooked chicken in a tangy chipotle sauce, finished with plenty of black beans, cumin, and lime. Smoky, spicy and delicious
  • Serving suggestions: Tuck into a tortilla, top with onions and add hot sauce

Great Taste Award winning Harissa Jackfruit 

  • Slow roasted jackfruit and aubergine in spicy harissa, cooked down in a beautiful garlic and ginger infused tomato sauce. It’s finished off with plenty of warming spices making it deliciously moreish
  • Serving suggestions: Perfect with pasta, stir in olives and top with lemon zest

Jerk Chicken 

  • Slow cooked shredded chicken prepared with warming allspice and fiery scotch bonnets, with plenty of fresh peas and roasted sweet potato folded through
  • Serving suggestions: Pop on a baked potato with a squeeze of lime and cooling slaw

Hearty Ragu

  • This plant based ragu is bursting with soya-based sausage chunks, white beans and subtle hints of fennel and sage
  • Serving suggestions: Over gnocchi, drizzled with aioli and sprinkled with fresh sage

Curried Chickpeas 

  • Creamy curry sauce made from a vibrant blend of spices and aromatics, simmered in rich coconut milk. Packed full of chickpeas, broccoli, and spinach, it’s plant-based food at its best!
  • Serving suggestions: Over rice, topped with mint and mango chutney

Beef Chilli 

  • British mince, red peppers, kidney beans, and a blend of smoky spices, cooked low and slow to get that deep and hearty flavour everyone loves
  • Serving suggestions: Add guacamole, salsa and tortilla chips

Sausage Arrabbiata

  • Literally meaning “angry”, the Arrabbiata is made with a plenty of chilli and toasted garlic for a satisfying kick and packed with British Pork Sausage and spinach
  • Serving suggestions: Perfect with Pasta, try Sausage & Egg Brunch Pitta or Sausage Quesadillas

Smoky No’rizo

  • Taking inspiration from the Spanish Mediterranean, plant-based chorizo is simmered away in a smokey tomato sauce and finished with green olives, butter beans and spinach
  • Serving suggestions: Excellent in a ragu, added to creamy beans, sprinkled over flatbreads or added to baked eggs

Chana Dal

  • This classic Dal is made with yellow split peas that are slowly braised in ginger, garlic and tomato. Our warming blend of spices makes for a moreish dish that’s the ultimate comfort food
  • Serving suggestions: Crisp up some garlic slivers and curry leaves and serve simply with rice, yoghurt and naan


  • Black Dal
  • Chick’n Satay
  • Chicken Korma
  • Classic Bolognese
  • Creamy Mushrooms
  • Smoky Pork
  • Tarragon Chicken
  • THIS Jalfrezi


Cheeky Chicken Tikka

  • STOCKED Kid Friendly Tikka is bursting with flavour thanks to loads of hidden veggies in the creamy sauce. Made with no added sugar or excess salt, this is sure to be a new favourite for little foodies

Legendary Lentil Bolognese

  • STOCKED Kid Friendly Bolognese is packed with hidden veggies and cooked low and slow for a flavour little ones will love, without the added sugar and excess salt

Champions’ Chicken Casserole

  • STOCKED Kid Friendly Casserole is packed with wholesome veggies and British Chicken. With leeks and garlic blended into the sauce, this is a comforting classic, of course, it’s low in salt and contains no nasties

Super Veggie Chilli

  • STOCKED Kid Friendly Chilli is packed with veggies and three delicious beans: black beans, kidney beans and haricot beans. Cooked low and slow for a soft and creamy texture that little foodies will love


Sam Moss has always batch-cooked his meals and frozen them. But after ruining countless Tupperware and Ziplock bags, he wondered if there was a better way. Talking to his mum one day, he found that she used to freeze his baby food into ice cube trays. This sparked an idea — why isn’t this a thing for adults?

Sam saw enormous potential but knew he needed a proper cook to join forces with. He called up a friend from schoolthe best chef he knows. In between running his award-winning street food company and cheffing in restaurants across the big smoke, Charlie Gilpin had been honing his skills cooking for the likes of Katy Perry and The Spice Girls. He was ready for a new challenge. Sam went down to his kitchen with the big idea, and they teamed up to bring you STOCKED.

STOCKED began life in Sam’s mum’s kitchen before they could rent space, after hours, in a pie kitchen; Sam and Charliedelivered Blocks around London by hand from the back of Sam’s car. After proving their idea had real substance STOCKED raised the funds to fit out their own kitchen which they have just doubled in size to keep up with demand.

They already knew that freezing food preserves it perfectly (no additives needed) and lasts far longer than recipe kits. Other ready meals never felt the right size to be truly satisfying and by freezing their meals into handy little Blocks they could give people the power to choose their own portions. No more half-eaten meals lurking in the fridge or miniature meals leaving you hungry and dissatisfied. You can make the meal that’s right for you.

Sam and Charlie are big believers in people eating exactly how they want to eat. By pledging that at least 50% of their range would always be plant based, STOCKED provides something for everyone.

Sam says, “We wondered what it would be like if we got rid of the rules around food. Why should we let our portion sizes be determined by someone else when it comes to convenience food? Ready meals are far too one-size-fits-all and we’re here to change that.”

A core point of difference for the brand, Sam and Charlie made the decision to freeze their meals into Blocks because they stacked so neatly and fit perfectly in the freezer. They found you can fit in 2.5x more food in the freezer (compared to chunky ready meal trays), an absolute space-saving superpower for their pokey London flats. 

Whilst gaining momentum with their adults’ range, Sam and Charlie listened to the crowd, who were demanding quick and easy meals for kids too, in ’23 they added a special kid friendly range, with the three core demands of low salt, no additives and lots of hidden veg

2023 saw STOCKED secure investment to grow their team, invest in their kitchen and supercharge their DTC marketing capabilities. There are plans afoot too for a summer ’24 raise over £1million with retail a future target and funds being raised for product development.

In 2023 STOCKED sold over 400,000 Blocks. The business grew 300% last year, as of February ’24 STOCKED has achieved an ARR (Annualised Run Rate) of over £1m, counts over 6,000 customers and has a Trustpilot score of 4.8* with over 90% 5* reviews.  STOCKED sits at a cross section between the £1.1bn Meal Kit Market (Statista) and £850mn Frozen Ready Meal Market (Circana) both of which are seeing strong growth and premiumisation, with Steven Bartlett on board, further growth is only inevitable. Find STOCKED on social media: