SWIM WITH SHARKS: This August, National Geographic encourages kids to learn about the ‘Lords of the Sea’ with a very cool interactive feature comparing sharks to humans

Elsewhere on the platform, discover old-school games for the summer holidays, the power of flowers, and get crafty by going on an imaginary trip!

“Just knowing that there’s a larger world out there, even if you can’t get to it right now, is definitely helpful for children” – Amanda Moreno, Associate Professor and Director of the Child Development Program at Erikson Institute In May 2020, National Geographic launched NATGEO FAMILY – a one-stop shop for anyone looking for enriching ways to entertain and engage families at home. Working closely with a number of incredible National Geographic Explorers, the online hub brings the ‘wow’ and
‘wonder’ of Nat Geo into the home.

As a centralised digital resource, the platform provides practical, inspiring and entertaining content designed to keep families connected to the natural world and the science behind it. And as we enter the summer holidays, we’ve rounded up the top activities and inspiration on the platform this month.

To kick us off this August – have you ever wondered how you might look while swimming next to a shark? On NatGeo Family this month, a fun visual aid allows you to see how you compare to the ‘lords of the sea’, and how they compare to each other. Sharks range in size from the largest fish on Earth to the length of your palm, and this cool interactive gives fun facts about each featured species, detailing their length, tooth height and endangered status. Check it out on the platform HERE.

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