TELIC Recovery Footwear For Men & Women

Made in America – Telic footwear launched in 2012 and the response was overwhelming and in early 2013 were voted ‘Best Comfort shoe’ by the New York Times readers awards.

The Company’s mission is to create affordable luxury comfort for active lifestyle consumers who seek to recover from their daily activities of running, hiking, cycling, training, and everyday life. Many of the features have been adapted from premium comfort and performance footwear.

Telic crafts its footwear from Novalon; a proprietary body-heat activated, waterproof, featherlight material. Its ultra-soft foot-bed is designed with a slight heel rocker to off load pressure and accentuate foot-strike management and the elasticity of Novalon provides a secure and snug fit for all foot shapes. The brand has received critical acclaim from the medical profession, with countless Telic advocates testifying that the footwear has helped reduce pain from Plantar Fascitis and many other common foot aliments.

Styles include the Mallory (£40), Flip Flop (£35), Z Strap (£35) , Side Recharge (£40) and Dream (£45)

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