That Annoying Guest Your Family Could Do Without this Autumn

Dust can be a massive headache for many parents and children during autumn. The real problem is dust mites – these little critters are almost invisible to the naked eye, but can wreak havoc in the unsuspecting dust mite allergy sufferer. And as we’re spending loads more time indoors, it’s not just our loved ones we’re snuggling up with on the sofa. There could be literally hundreds of dust mites enjoying the latest episode of Danger Mouse, too! HayMax can help fix this though, as it’s an allergen barrier balm designed to trap dust mite allergens before they get into the body and cause symptoms….

Dust allergy symptoms can be very similar to the more well-known hay fever symptoms. All homes in the UK have dust mites, but due to their tiny size (around 0.25-0.3mm) and translucent bodies they are almost invisible to the naked eye. (Don’t worry – unless you have a dust mite allergy, they are harmless).

When the allergenic proteins are breathed in by an allergic person, their body reacts by producing excess histamines. These cause symptoms such as wheezing, sneezing, runny nose and soreness and redness of the skin and eyes.

Asthma can be triggered by many of the allergens found in our homes. In some rare cases, sufferers can experience extreme symptoms such as shortness of breath or even anaphylaxis.

HayMax and HayMax Kids are organic drug-free allergen barrier balms for dust allergen sufferers. Applied around the rim of the nostrils and bones of the eyes, they work by stopping dust allergens getting into the body before they can cause a reaction. A 2012 study at the National Pollen and Aerobiology Research Unit (NPARU), the UK’s leading authority on airborne allergens, found that HayMax traps dust mite allergens before they enter the body, as well as pet dander allergens and over a third of pollen [1].

HayMax and HayMax Kids carry the Allergy Friendly Product logo from Allergy UK, awarded to products that are potentially of benefit to people affected by allergy, asthma, or sensitivity and are unlikely to cause a reaction. HayMax is a winner of over 40 awards, has been used successfully by two Olympic athletes and has been recommended countless times by doctors in the media. HayMax and HayMax Kids have also been reformulated this year, which means that they are now even longer lasting and environmentally friendly.

As HayMax balms are drug-free they are suitable for children and pregnant and breast-feeding women. There are no drowsy side-effects – so, unlike many anti-histamines that people take, they can be used whilst driving and operating machinery, and will not adversely affect your performance at work, school, during exams or while taking part in sports or fitness.

Margaret Liew comments, “I am forever looking for a ‘cure’ for my bad allergy, to dust, not pollen. I was on hols in Edinburgh and happen to see this balm, didn’t think much of it n bought 1. It is so good, all the way from Ed[inburgh] to London to Hong Kong, I didn’t have to take any anti-histamic tablet. Normally I would be sneezing badly but I didn’t. … I haven’t been taking any anti-histamic since.”

HayMax and HayMax Kids organic drug-free allergen barrier balms retail at £6.99 per pot and are available from Holland & Barrett, Booths, Ocado, selected Superdrug, Morrisons and Boots, independent chemists, pharmacists and health stores, on 01525 406600 and from