The Adventures of Lillicorn STEM book series

The Adventures of Lillicorn intends to inspire the next generation of leaders in STEM by featuring a young curious heroine, who has a passion for science and loves to find creative solutions on her many quests. The story inspires 4 to 8-year-old children to be adventurous and explore faraway places, and encourages them to use their scientific ‘brain smarts,’ to solve a series of fun STEM educational activities.

Meet Lilli, a fearless little girl, who is intrigued by science, and loves to conceive new experiments and inventions. In her dreams at night, she transforms into Lillicorn, a superhero, where she teams up with friends, including the reader, to travel to distant lands, and figure out innovative solutions that save the day! The rhyming story book is designed so that children can solve ten different STEM quests and earn tokens (provided in the book). It’s an exciting way for children to learn fundamental STEM skills (e.g. abstraction, spatial perception, pattern recognition, etc.) at an early age, as well as develop 21st century learning skills (the 4Cs – critical thinking, collaboration, creativity and communication).

Designed to address areas of key stage 1 computing programmes of study national curriculum.

Meet the creative team

The Adventures of Lillicorn is written by Lisa Moss and STEM educational quests are developed by Dr. Thomas Bernard. Together they have more than 35 years of extensive professional experience with a proven track record in innovation/technology, education and marketing.

During their time working for leading high tech global brands and silicon valley scaleups, they encountered significant challenges in fulfilling STEM technical roles, and creating gender and ethnically diverse teams. Dr. Bernard has a PhD in computer engineering, and during his time as a university lecturer he became acutely aware of the lack of female representation in STEM related topics. After the birth of their twin daughters, their passion for inspiring young children in STEM related topics and their desire to drive change inspired them to create the Lillicorn brand.

They worked on the first book in the Lillicorn series together with accomplished educational advisor, former primary school teacher and published children’s author, Annamaria Farbizio (pen name: Marilee Joy Mayfield).  Annamaria has over 30 years experience in the field of educational writing, teaching and advising.

High quality and durable board book with lay flat binding and gloss finishing, for both home and school usage. £15.99 RRP.

Removable charm tokens and command cards for use in solving 10 STEM quests.

Easy storage and portability (playdates, travel, etc.)

11 collectable charm tokens

Children team up with Lillicorn to help her friend Lulu Ladybug fix her hot air balloon and take flight from WooWoo Land.

The main challenge is broken down into 10 STEM educational quests which children solve as they explore the wonderful world of WooWoo Land.

The rhyming story generally takes place on left-hand pages, with quests on the right-hand pages.

The first book covers 12 core STEM skills, which are identified at the bottom of each quest. Definitions of each STEM skill are provided in the glossary at the back of the book.

Educational and personal development benefits

Develops core STEM skills 12 core STEM skills covered across a series of quests (e.g. problem solving incl. ability to break a larger problem into smaller tasks to achieve a goal, pattern recognition and matching, sequencing, optimization, spatial perception, coding skills, etc.)

Addresses some key areas of key stage 1 UK Computing programmes of study national curriculum.

Improves 21st Century Learning skills Critical thinking, collaboration, creativity and communication

Stimulates imaginative play As Lillicorn and children team up to solve a series of quests in the imaginary world of WooWoo Land.

Facilitates social interaction and emotional bonding through highly engaging and collaborative approach with inspirational role models as lead characters.

Support material

There will be a wide array of support material available to promote frequent reading/usage of each book in the series at home, in the classroom or afterschool program settings.

Lesson plans: will be available to bring each book to life in the classroom and build on the 4Cs of 21st Century Learning skills (Critical thinking, Collaboration, Creativity, Communication). Each lesson plan is designed by an experienced primary school teacher and STEM lesson plan developer, keeping in mind national curriculum requirements and directions where available.

Printable STEM activity worksheets and coloring sheets: for use at home, at school or afterschool programs.

Educational resources for parents and teachers: promoting continuous STEM learning fun with Lillicorn books, educational toys and beyond.

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