60% of parents wish their workplaces would offer more support in the early years of their child’s life

Today, the first online nursery for children has launched in the UK. Designed to be the home nursery of the future, Babbu is packed with educational content personalised to each child based on their age, preferences and developmental abilities. 

From today, workplaces across the UK can sign up for their employees to access Babbu and receive over 40 hours of educational content to help aid their children’s development in the first five years of their lives. The educational activity platform will track the developmental milestones of each child and will tailor activities and content to support their development, and have a real impact in the first defining years of their life. 

The new online nursery should come as a timely support for parents who make up 40% of the workforce today. New research from Babbu has revealed that 60% of parents would like to see their employers support the early years’ development of their child. The reality is that 76% of parents are worried about their children’s development and 59% feel that Covid has impacted their child’s development in some way, and 49% of parents feel that they have less than two people to turn to for support. 

Charlie Rosier, Co-Founder of Babbu, comments, “We need to make childcare accessible to all. Research shows that high-quality early childhood education has hugely positive and long-lasting impacts on children’s outcomes, particularly for disadvantaged children. Learning and growth are basic human needs and one we should all have help with.  Yet the majority of parents don’t have access to formal childcare, and worries about children are often an anxiety which can follow them into the workplace. So, we’re levelling the playing field and developing the potential of all kids with the launch of Babbu, to make early years education easy, accessible and fun!” 

Research from Babbu also revealed that a further 63% of parents admitted that the increase in the cost of living would impact their ability to afford formal childcare, upping the reliance on relatives for support.

Charlie Rosier, Co-Founder of Babbu, comments, “The cost of formal childcare is making it less and less attainable with news that the cost of attending nursery has increased by 44% in the last ten years, pricing some parents out completely. Alongside the revelation from the Times Education Commission report that 46% of children are starting school when they aren’t ‘school ready’, it is clear that there is a real need for support for parents to aid their children’s development in these trying times. That is what we hope Babbu will do for parents; we want to give parents a secret weapon for early child development.”

Based on decades of scientific research and with the help of leading experts in early childhood development, child psychotherapists and early years educators, Babbu’s proprietary curriculum supports both baby and you; and is based on 8 core themes, blending various teaching philosophies including Montessori and Forest School but with diversity, inclusivity, accessibility and sustainability at its core.

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