The gift that keeps on giving:

Versatile baby swaddles by Ziggle

When your little one is first born, there’s nothing better than the snug, secure feeling of a soft swaddle. For those first few months, it’s the perfect soother for sending your baby off to blissful sleep. That’s what makes Ziggle’s swaddles the perfect gift for any new or expecting mum. But what happens after those early days of snuggly bliss, when baby no longer needs swaddling? Don’t worry – Ziggle’s versatile swaddles are designed to outlive their original role, transforming into a blanket, scarf, changing mat, and more!

10 years ago, Ziggle’s founder Nicole began her search for a sleepsuit that her baby girl couldn’t wriggle her way out of. Pesky poppers were no use, so she designed her own version with a zip instead. Ever since, Ziggle has prided itself on creating practical, quality baby accessories that make parenting easier.          

Ultra-versatile and 100% soft cotton!

The brand’s collection of soft, muslin swaddle wraps are ideal for those first few months, when your little one is soothed by replicating that warm, secure feeling of the womb.  The luxurious wraps are made with thick, 100% cotton muslin that only gets softer with every wash. Having been shortlisted for this year’s Gift of the Year, it’s clear that these swaddles make for great gifts for new parents and Baby Showers.

Whether you’re looking for a gift for a cheeky baby boy, an adorable little girl, or something completely unisex – Ziggle has a swaddle for everyone. With 8 stylish designs in a range of different colours, parents and little ones alike will love these stylish muslins and wraps. The range of adorable colours and patterns include Pineapples, Safari, Whales, Rainbow, Giraffe & Elephant, Polar Bears, Fox, and Elephants.

Eight adorable designs!

The swaddles are surprisingly large at 120 x 120cm, making them extra versatile for uses beyond swaddling. They can be used around the house as a blanket or a mat, or can be taken out and about to be used as an all-in-one changing mat, travel mat, car seat liner, pram shade, breastfeeding scarf, and much more! The possibilities with Ziggle’s swaddles are endless!

For a gift that keeps on giving, look no further than these incredibly practical, super soft, and ultra adorable swaddles.

Large cotton muslin swaddles available in Pineapple, Safari, Whales, Rainbow, Giraffe & Elephant, Polar Bears, Fox, and Elephant designs. RRP £10.

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