The Joy of a Child’s Eye View

Cheeky Rascals encourages parents to see beyond the convenience.

The Lascal BuggyBoard is known for its genius functionality that enables a child to safely (and happily) ride along at the back of the stroller, something parents love for the convenience and ease when getting from A to B fuss free. However, this season Cheeky Rascals is encouraging parents to take a moment to appreciate the ride from their child’s eye view and see the true joy BuggyBoard can bring to every journey!

Getting them walking is so important, but when little ones need to rest their legs, BuggyBoard, which is ideal from 2-5 years, offers a ride and SO much more! Aware that the unique accessory is more than just a ride, Cheeky Rascals suggests that where possible parents to take a little time to inspire little ones to engage with the great outdoors during the ride. Whether it’s a quick trip to the shops or doing the school run, little ones get to enjoy the ride while looking around – whether it’s up at the trees and the cars whizzing by or shouting out the colours of the flowers they see and spotting what’s in the hedgerow, there is so much to ignite imagination and learning.

With a recent social poll showing that 74% of parents rarely or never get down and see the world from their child’s eye view, Cheeky Rascals want to inspire families to think about this a little more and engage with the world their little ones see – especially when out and about!

Prioritising safety at all times, the BuggyBoard has been cleverly designed to allow little ones to hop on board – standing safely between the handles of the stroller and the parent/carer in charge – to turn every trip into a fun and comfortable ride! The patented easy-fit connection system allows the BuggyBoard to securely fit 99% of pushchairs and with its built-in advanced suspension system and larger durable wheels, ensures a comfortable ride around corners, over kerbs and through doorways. Specially designed reflective paint makes the BuggyBoard clearly visible even at night.

Available in two sizes; the  Lascal Maxi BuggyBoard , which is available with a foldaway saddle,  and, the Lascal BuggyBoard MINI, which boasts all the same features but with a slightly more compact design for smaller strollers. Available in a variety of colourful and fun designs, with Limited Edition prints launching annually, the MINI also adds a touch of personality to every toddler’s ride!

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Seamlessly combining fun, function, and safety, Buggyboard’s adaptable solution is ideal for any family with little ones close in age. Ensuring ease of use at all times, the simple strap & hook allows the board to be lifted up out of the way when not in use.

Founder of Cheeky Rascals, Selina Russell commented:

“I love the BuggyBoard for its convenience and ease of use and am always so happy to hear that it often saves the day for families on the go, but having given this idea some thought and taking a moment to consider the Childs Eye view while on the ride is actually so wonderful – just thinking what they might spot and could learn along the way, is so exciting!”

Lascal | MINI BuggyBoard | RRP: £59.99 | MAXI BuggyBoard | RRP: £85.00 | Stockist:  Cheeky Rascals