• Introducing Oliver’s Cupboard, a first in organic weaning recipes from around the world
  • Founded by London based mother Sadia Ahmed after discovering the multi-cultural flavours she wanted to introduce her son to were not readily available
  • Available at Asda now for £1.60 each

A first for the baby food market, recently launched family ran brand Oliver’s Cupboard offers a range of high quality, innovative weaning products in a selection of exciting flavours, not found anywhere else on the supermarket shelves.

Founded by London based Sadia Ahmed, who discovered when looking for baby food when she became a new mum that there was a complete lack of diversity in the market, with very little in terms of tastes from different countries and cultures and hardly any options for Halal meals.

Sadia has worked closely with other parents to create a new brand which encompasses a huge range of recipes and tastes from around the world, allowing parents to feed their children the food of their ancestors and introducing them to new flavours from around the world.

Oliver’s Cupboard is about being included, it’s about learning about different communities through food and creating a food industry that is together, inclusive and diverse. Oliver’s Cupboard is also about storytelling, talking about heritage, weaning through generations and understanding that all parents want the best for their families. We have the same worries and hope for our children. We are the same in our core and our differences can bring us together in a beautiful way. I honestly feel we can create a more accepting society by learning about each other through food and sharing our food together. We should have baby food for all families, not just the select few. – Sadia Ahmed, Founder of Oliver’s Cupboard

From Indian inspired Korma to Brazilian inspired Bahia Stew, the range includes a diverse offering of global flavours including Halal recipes and dairy free options. The healthy ingredients are all organic, with two of the options being vegan friendly too.

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Oliver’s Cupboard is available to buy from Asda now