The Ultimate List of Travel Games for Adults and Kids

Traveling can be a great way to bond with family and friends, but it can also be a lot of sitting around. That’s where travel games come in! Here are some of the best travel games for adults and kids to keep you entertained all summer.

Ginger Fox Lobster Mobster Card Game, £14.99 from

Hilariously Entertaining Family Party Game Great For Fun Nights In. Complete Cheeky Challenges and Funny Forfeits To Win. 2+ Players, Ages 8+ Years. Easy To Play.

Cheatwell Games Travel Tension, £12.99 from Amazon

One of the most popular board games slimmed down into a take-anywhere card dispenser and scorer. Now you can guarantee a fun time wherever you are on your travels!

Ginger Fox Special Edition Catchphrase Card Game, £12.99 from Amazon

Say what you see!. It’s easy! Recognise the catchphrase? Shout it out! Enjoy this modern twist on a classic game.

Kikkerland On The Go Bug Chase Game £10 from

A great take on the snakes and ladders classic. Compact and a real travel must-have.Kikkerland Golf In A Tin, £14 from

Geomag Supercolor 42 Piece, £29.99 from

Geomag Supercolor 100% Recycled line dedicated to everyone who wants to play with an explosion of colour and build epic constructions What’s more, the practical storage boxes to keep the rods and spheres in neatly, as well as always with you, are also made of recycled plastic. Made with 100% recycled plastic.

Kikkerland On The Go Spots Game £10 from

Ideal for on-the-go! Take turns to roll the dice, match the number of spots and build your animal! First to build the animal wins.

Kikkerland Pop Culture Game £7 from

Great conversation starter. These questions will trigger movie memories. 50 Pop Culture trivia question in a tin

Kikkerland Animal Mix Up Wooden Puzzle £20 from

Create different animal faces and mix them up to create your very own mix-up.

Geomag (329) Glow 42 Piece Set £19 from Amazon

Magnetic construction comes to life in the dark as it glows by natural plant minerals. The set is made from 100% recycled plastic.

Giant Beaver Tiny Ass £9.99 from

The outrageous card game that’s definitely not for the faint-hearted!

Cheatwell Games Travel Family Quiz Night £13 from Amazon

Fun questions covering 8 popular topics, and can be played individually or as kids v adults in teams.

Cheatwell Games Travel Wild Guess £9 from Amazon

The game where guessing closest to the given answer on the card scores points, and comes in a handy travel pack that you can take anywhere. All answers are numeric and so it’s up to you to get as close to the answer as possible. Anyone can play.

Kikkerland Wooden Pinball £13 from

Shoot, slide and get the ball rolling with these handheld wooden pinball games! Comes in three adorable animal themes – Owl, Bear or Frog.

Ginger Fox Adults Vs Kids Game £6.99 from Amazon

Fun Trivia Games for Family – Challenge your loved ones and discover who’s the household boss in this quick-fire trivia card game! Answer easy and challenging trivia for kids and adults to score points. Fast-Faced and Entertaining – Enjoy rounds of fun games and hours of entertainment with this kids vs parents game.