Tree Hub Unveils Interactive New Website to Explore Family Farm Adventures

With spring just around the corner, a brand new website has launched to help families up and down the country discover and explore farms in the UK, helping them to find educational experiences and make memories that will last a lifetime. is a unique UK-based directory designed to cater to families with children in search of a day out at both urban and country farms. The website has a time-saving geolocation feature, helping visitors easily find farms in their vicinity – or close to their next staycation destination. The platform opens the gate to a world of agricultural wonders, making it easier for families to plan engaging outings and for farmers to welcome visitors keen to experience day-to-day life on a real, working farm.

Edwyn McFarlane, the founder of Tree Hub, says, “We are delighted to bring Tree Hub to life this spring. Our platform is designed with a passion for connecting families with the rich experiences that farms offer. It’s not just a directory; it’s an interactive guide to an array of fun activities and delightful animals waiting to be explored.”

At the heart of Tree Hub’s functionality is its user-friendly interface that allows users to search for farms based on specific criteria. Visitors can explore farms that house a variety of animals, including cows, donkeys, pigs, horses, ponies, and more. Additionally, families can plan their farm visit by discovering other ‘things to do’ at each location, from bouncy pillows and zip wires to archery classes and tractor rides.

The website goes beyond a mere listing by providing detailed profiles for each farm. These profiles offer valuable insights into the facilities available, such as wheelchair and pushchair accessibility, picnic-friendliness, parking availability, and whether the farm is dog-friendly. This comprehensive approach ensures that families can tailor their farm experiences based on their preferences and needs.

McFarlane adds, “What sets Tree Hub apart is its dedication to offering a complete farm adventure package. We believe in creating a seamless connection between families and farms, enriching their lives with wholesome and enjoyable activities. Our website serves as a bridge for both visitors and farm owners, fostering a community of exploration and appreciation for agriculture.”

Farm owners are encouraged to sign up for free profiles on Tree Hub, showcasing their offerings to a broader audience. Paid options are also available to enhance the visibility of their farm profiles on this first-of-its-kind platform in the UK.

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