Trust the Bona Premium Cleaning System

for expert cleaning and lasting care of Wood and Hard Surface Floors

Bring out the beauty of your floors with Bona

Developed by Swedish floorcare specialists, Bona, the Bona Premium cleaning system is designed to be tough on dirt, gentle on floors – cleaning effectively while safeguarding wood and hard surface floors. Recommended by professional flooring contractors as the best product for consumers to use at home for cleaning natural wood floors without damaging the wood’s integrity the Bona cleaning system embodies a nurturing approach to maintaining and enhancing the longevity and beauty of your floors.

The cleaning system comprises a durable Bona Premium Spray Mop and a reusable, patented washable microfibre pad working in harmony with Bona’s specialist pH-neutral, GREENGUARD GOLD2 certified water-based cleaning formulas to remove 99% of bacteria3 from your wood and hard floor surfaces while protecting your floors over time. The cleaning formulas deliver a professional quality streak-free clean that is also non-dulling, residue-free and quick drying.

With over 100 years’ experience in wood and hard floor care, Bona is driven by the ethos of being the world’s most trusted expert in making floors look great and last longer.

Leanne Garvie, Bona’s UK Marketing Manager says: “Our Swedish floorcare experts developed the Bona Premium cleaning system to give consumers access to professional floorcare results that only specialist contractors had access to in the past. And being a Swedish brand with a strong commitment to sustainability, they also ensured the system meets the needs of today’s mindful UK consumers who want their cleaning products to be environmentally friendly, healthier, safer – as well as highly effective.
“The Bona system has been developed to clean and preserve floors without harsh chemicals, and it is safely formulated to quickly break down dirt and grime so that you can clean more efficiently, with less effort.” “Bona products are trusted to protect and care for some of the most prestigious floors in the world – from treasured palaces to museums , arenas and national galleries worldwide – so consumers can be reassured that we bring a wealth of expertise to our home cleaning system.” “Whether you’ve brought the beauty of nature into your home with a natural wood floor, or inherited wood, stone, tiled, laminate or LVT hard floors that need some expert care, by pairing the right tools with its specialist cleaning
solutions, Bona provides an efficient, great value cleaning solution that also delivers professional-level care,” adds Garvi.


Specialist GREENGUARD GOLD Certified4 Bona Wood Floor Cleaner or Bona Hard Surface Cleaner
solutions work in harmony with the durable Bona Premium Spray Mop and reusable, patented Washable
Microfibre Cleaning Pad to effectively remove 99% of bacteria from your wood and hard floor surfaces,
5 while protecting and caring them so that they look beautiful and preserved for longer. The complete system delivers a quick-drying and streak-free floor cleaning system that mops right up to the edges of your floors, fixtures and fittings, and with an ergonomic lightweight design so that the mop easily slips under and around your furniture. The Bona Premium Spray Mop couldn’t be easier to use – the refillable cleaning-solution bottle clicks in and out of the cartridge holder on the front and there’s a trigger on the sturdy handle to release a fine mist for quick and effective floor cleaning. The cartridge is easy to remove, refill and replace, as is the patented Washable Microfibre Cleaning Pad which attaches to the mop base via a velcro strip. Use Bona Wood Floor Cleaner on sealed wood floors, and Bona Hard-Surface Floor Cleaner for stone, tile, and laminate floors. Bona Cleaner for Oiled Wood Floors can also be used in the Premium Spray Mop system. Enriched with plant-based ingredients, it not only cleans but also nourishes and protects specialist oiled wood floors. Regular cleaning and maintenance with the right products is essential to maintain the beauty and prolong the life of your floors. Wet mopping with too much liquid can damage wood and laminate floors. Multipurpose cleaners and washing up liquid can leave a dull residue. Bona products are designed to bring out the best in floors. As well as gently and effectively removing dust, dirt and grime to reveal the floor’s natural shine and beauty, the Bona cleaning system works at protecting the longevity of the wood and hard surface floor itself. The water-based cleaning formulas are pH-neutral which is important particularly for wood floors; DIY products like vinegar and water can damage a floor’s surface over time due to the acidity.

Sustainability has been core to the Bona business for over 100 years and the company believes deeply in
the importance of minimising environmental impact. Mindful of natural resources, the Bona Premium
Spray Mop cleaning system is a reusable and refillable product design that uses 97% less water than a
traditional mop and bucket6, meaning less water waste. The cleaning system has recyclable packaging,
refillable cartridges and patented, reusable microfibre pads that are made from over 90% recyclable
material. The pads are washable and reusable up to 500 times; a big difference for your wallet and the
environment when compared to one-use disposable pads. Bona Wood Floor Cleaner and Bona Hard-Surface Floor Cleaner are water-based, biodegradable and free of ammonia, phosphates, chlorine, phthalates and fragrance. They are also low in VOC emitting substances to provide a safer way to clean your home that is healthier for your family, your pets and the planet.

The Refillable Bona Premium Spray Mop cleaning system is built to save money, time and resources. The
Bona Premium Spray Mop is high quality, durable and built to last; the Microfibre Cleaning Pad has
patented technology built into every fibre for superior cleaning and is reusable for up to 500 washes. The
mop’s 40% extra-large cleaning head and easy spray makes it fast and easy to clean – particularly when
compared to a mop and bucket. There are also zero batteries to buy or charge (or put into Landfill). The
Bona Premium Spray Mop even has rubberised flexible corners to protect skirting boards and furniture
from dings and scratches, whilst the vertical locking mop head and retractable hook makes storage easy
in compact spaces. Users can save money by refilling the Bona Premium Spray Mop with the Bona Floor
Cleaner economy sized refills (2.5L and 4L), and save on trips to the store and to the rubbish bins.

Bona products protect and care for distinguished floors in palaces, museums, galleries, arenas and homes
worldwide. Bona is recommended by flooring professionals who have consistently voted Bona as winners
of the Contract Flooring Journal Awards for 20 consecutive years, confirming its status as a trusted
specialist brand.

Buy the Bona Premium Spray Mops for Wood Floors and the Bona Premium Spray Mop for Hard Surfaces RRP:
£42.99 (comprises 1 x Premium Spray Mop, 1 x Refillable Cleaning Solution Cartridge prefilled with 850ml Bona
Wood or Hard-Surface Cleaner, 1 x Washable Cleaning Pad) from Dunelm and Amazon.

  • Buy Bona Wood-Floor Cleaner and Bona Hard-Surface Floor Cleaner Refill Cartridges RRP £9.39 (850ml) or
    economy-sized refills (2.5L and 4L) RRP £20.99-£24.99 from Dunelm, Argos, B&Q, Lakeland and Amazon
  • Buy Bona Cleaner for Oiled Wood Floors Refill Cartridges RRP £9.39 (850ml) or economy-sized refill RRP £24.95
  • Bona UK website for further information: