Turn Brushing into a ROARSOME Adventure!!!

Calling all parents and little explorers who want to add some fun into ‘boring’ brushing! The Dr Brown’s Animal Toddler Toothbrushes turn the morning and bedtime routine into adventure time, whilst encouraging independent brushing with your little ones. The easy to grip animals let imaginations run wild and build up your children’s brushing skills, so they can learn and play all at once! To find the perfect brushing buddy, take our interactive quiz and get ready to embark on your very own dental safari! 

Which Dr. Brown’s Toddler Toothbrush Are You?

Q1. Even though animals look very different to us, they all have their own unique personalities just like you and I!  

Which personality trait best suits you?

Sociable and friendly (otter)

Loud and outgoing (flamingo)

Hangry and snappy (croc)

Angry and wild (t rex)

Calm and caring (giraffe)

Q2. Every animal has their own unique way of keeping clean but I’m sure yours isn’t as strange as letting birds peck at your teeth like a giraffe!

Which cleaning style is most similar to you?

Suck (otter)

Right side first (Flamingo)

Left side first (Croc)

Chew (T Rex)

Up and down (giraffe)

Q3. Believe it or not, animals also have their own favourite things to do just like you! Animals love playing with friends, relaxing and eating.

But which one of these is your favourite thing to do?

Playing with toys (otter)

Relaxing and watching tv (flamingo)

Sports (croc)

Socialising and playing with friends (t rex)

Cooking and baking yummy treats (giraffe)

Q4. You may think animals have it easy by not having a ‘job’, but they have more responsibilities than you might think! For example, T-rex’s need to hunt and lead the pack and crocodiles have to rule large territories and defend their group.

What job would you love to do the most?

Professional sports player (otter)

An artist (flamingo)

Dentist (Croc)

Astronaut (t rex)

Vet (giraffe)

Q5. Animals’ teeth are very different to ours. Their teeth are specially adapted to eat their favourite foods with no hassle!

What are your favourite foods?

Fish (otter)

Fruit (flamingo)

Junk food! (croc)

Meat (t rex)

Vegetables (giraffe)

Now, let’s uncover your ROARSOME adventure companion!

If you picked mostly (a) then your brushing buddy is… Otter  – You’re sociable and love to turn bedtime into playtime. The otter is the perfect companion to take on your toothbrushing adventure!

If you picked mostly (b) then your brushing buddy is… Flamingo – The outgoing and creative flamingo is the perfect friend to fly into oral hygiene fun! It’s sized to suit growing mouths, so it’s always ready to embark on a long dental adventure with you!

If you picked mostly (c) then your brushing buddy is…Crocodile – Although you both may be a little snappy, there is no one better to help you conquer brushing and give you perfect pearly whites.

If you picked mostly (d) then your brushing buddy is… Dinosaur – Roar into dental hygiene and show your wild side with Dr. Brown’s dinosaur toddler toothbrush. Your little explorer will feel like the king of the jungle as they begin their dental hygiene adventure!

If you picked mostly (e) then your brushing buddy is… Giraffe – Your calm and caring personalities make for the perfect adventuring duo. With soft bristles and sturdy feet, your partner isn’t going anywhere! Dr. Brown’s toothbrushes are available from Baby Central, from RRP: £3.54