UNDERGROUND Book By Uijung Kim

Hop on board and explore the subway systems of ten cities around the world! From London to Tokyo by way of Paris, Moscow and Madrid, this bright and playful inside-outside book will bring transport and urban cultures alive for kids ages 3 plus.

Each city is presented over four pages. The first spread shows the outside of the train along with key facts about that subway system. The second spread is cut shorter, to create a feeling of ‘inside’ the train. Readers are invited to search this busy spread and find the identifying city-elements within (a pretzel, a statue of Liberty headband and an INY t-shirt in the New York spread, for example). A glossary at the back explains what the objects are.

Bright and beautiful, with humour-packed illustrations, this is a book that is sure to delight children regardless of age or gender.

Uijung Kim is a Korean-born illustrator living in Brooklyn. Her drawing style draws on her home culture and brings a uniquely personal twist.

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