Vegan & Vegetarian Friendly – Cruelty Free – Halal Certified

Veganism is more than the food we eat. It’s choosing products that are ethically sourced, plant-based and kind to the environment. While opting to follow a meat and dairy-free diet is gaining popularity, if this isn’t for you, it’s still possible to adopt a greener way of living by seeking out products that help to contribute to reducing our carbon footprint. Choosing organic skincare products that use ethically sourced natural ingredients, which are cruelty-free and free from nasties such as parabens, perfume and alcohol are better for both baby and our environment.

Created especially for babies and toddlers, Little Organics by Mee-Go is a beautiful collection of completely organic, cruelty-free skincare products, which are also vegan & vegetarianfriendly and free from parabens and alcohol.

BUT THAT’S NOT ALL… Because Little Organics products are ethically made using ingredients without any pesticides, chemicals, or fertilisers, they meet the same standards as organic food.

PLUS, by using only natural plant-based ingredients (and no animal ingredients or absorbable alcohol) this range has also uniquely been awarded Halal Certification. All products are made in Ireland using Irish Spring Water and natural ingredients.

The Little Organics skincare range comprises of six beautifully packaged products, each featuring a cute character that will appeal to parents and children alike.

Shampoo – Bubble Bath – Body Wash – Moisturiser – Hand Gel – Hand Cleanse – All RRP: £8.99 available from and independent retailers.

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