Vital Safety Essentials!

Vital Baby has your back this Child Safety Week

This Child Safety Week, Vital Baby is your ultimate sidekick for peace of mind! With Vital Baby’s iconic ranges, PROTECT and HYGIENE, they’ve got a treasure trove of products to make your baby’s day safer and sweeter. From bathtime besties to health heroes, Vital Baby has everything you need to keep the smiles big and worries small. Here are some of the vital products you need this child safety week!

Splash into safety Let’s kick off Child Safety Week with a bang with Vital Baby’s NEW Hygiene Foldable Bath RRP £29.99. This super smart and safe bath is perfect for busy parents. With its lock in legs and strong, lightweight, foldable frame, this innovative bath compacts down for storage and is also great for travel. Plus, its heat-sensitive plug means the bath knows if the water is too hot for little ones, so you can focus on keeping bathtime battles at bay, and your baby can sit back, relax, and enjoy a soak safely!

No stink-solution! Nappy changing is not always glamourous, but with Vital Baby’s HYGIENE odour-trap™ nappy disposal system RRP £49.99, you can make nappy changes stylish and smell-free! This clever contraption fits any plastic bag so there is no need to buy expensive cassettes, environmentally friendly and has a patented seal preventing bad odours and bacteria from escaping. Plus, the sleek design means your bin fits seamlessly into any nursery interior. It’s your secret weapon against stinky surprises!


Terrific trio for tiny tots Designed to give you peace of mind when caring for your baby, this terrific trio is essential for starting your parenting journey. Complete with a PROTECT nasal decongester, flexisafe fever alarm body thermometer and room and bath thermometer, the PROTECT Healthcare Kit RRP £17.99 is a must-have for keeping your baby safe and healthy at every stage of your daily routine. 

Breathe easy, sleep easy Got a tiny nose causing big problems? The Vital Baby PROTECT Breathe Easy RRP £6.99, is a must-have for keeping your baby happy and healthy. Say goodbye to sleep disruptions and feeding fiascos with this simple solution. Just pop the nozzle in your baby’s nostril, give a gentle suck through the mouthpiece, and voila – clear away mucus, ease discomfort, and ensure everyone gets a good night’s sleep!

Child Safety Week is an annual community education campaign ran by the Child Accident Prevention Trust (CAPT) to help families build confidence and skills in managing the real risks to children’s safety. This year it will run from 3rd-9th June 2024. For more information and to view the full range to tackle all your parenting needs visit