What is the right size of balance bike for your kid? We have the answer!

Balance bikes play a crucial role in your kid’s childhood – it is with the help of these bikes that they learn to balance and cycle eventually. What many parents do not take into account is that balance bikes are not one size fits all. Depending on your child’s age and height, you will have to pick the right balance bike for them so that your kid can easily balance their bike and not struggle with it.

Are you wondering how to find the perfect child’s balance bike for your kid? This article will help you know more about different sizes of balance bikes and how to choose the right one for your kid!

Balance bike for your kid – Things to know

There are a few ways in which you can determine the size of a balance bike – these include the diameter of the wheels and the height of the seat. The size (or diameter) determines the speed of the bike and how much traction it can take when the child is moving. As for seat height, it is the factor that decides how comfortably your kid is seated on the bike and how easily they move, which is why it’s important to choose the right bike.

  • Wheel size

The common wheel sizes for balance bikes for kids are 12″, 14”, and in some cases 16”. Once the kid is confident with balance bikes, they can start using pedal bikes with larger wheels.

  • Other factors

Apart from the wheel size and seat height, you also need to ensure that the balance bike is comfortably built for the child to lean and grab the handlebar. The angles are crucial as they will decide how the equilibrium is maintained when the kid is balancing the bike. Look for Bobbin bikes that have laid-back angles – this can be more relaxed and easier for your toddler.

The right size of balance bike for your kid – How to choose

Another key factor to consider before buying a balanced bike for your child is whether the child is comfortable with the standing position on the bike. This is determined by measuring the inseam of your child’s legs and then calculating the seat height accordingly. 

Usually, the child’s inseam is measured by the classic wall and book method. Make your child stand against a wall with their shoes on and place a book between their legs. Raise the book and make sure the spine of the book is aligned with the crotch. Now measure the height from the ground to the spine of the book. This is the child’s inseam, and you can select seat height based on this measurement.


Finding the perfect balance bike for your kid depends on a lot of factors like your kid’s age, height, the bike’s wheel size, and seat height. Encourage them to try on a  few bikes before deciding on one so that they feel comfortable with the final option. With Bobbin bikes, find the best balance bike for your toddlers and kids and encourage their enthusiasm!