World Sleep Day – Creating Happy Bedrooms With Dreamtex

Bring Your Child’s Bedroom to Life with Character Bedding from Dreamrex this World Sleep Day!

Just imagine the excitement on your little one’s face when they walk into their bedroom and see snuggly and colourful bedding inspired by their favourite character made up on their bed. The team at Dreamtex have years of experience creating happy bedrooms and know that themed bedding and room accessories, such as matching blankets and cushions, can encourage children to go to bed at night, and more importantly to stay in bed until morning.

March is National Bed Month, and this Friday is also World Sleep Day (March 15th), so Dreamtex is inviting you to explore their amazing portfolio of character duvets and pick up some helpful sleep tips along the way.
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What Our Customers Say…

“Isla has never been keen on the idea of bedtime and usually wants to sleep in my room. When she saw her new Bluey bedding from Dreamtex she couldn’t wait to sleep in her own bed and actually wants to stay in her own room. It’s amazing how much she prefers her own bed now. The designs are adorable and the fabric is so soft which keeps her comfortable all night.”

“I don’t know whether it’s coincidence but since Theia got her favourite character Bing bedding she’s slept so much better and actually wants to get into her own bed with her Bing teddies. I also love how bright and colourful the bedding is and that it’s reversible too.”


So who is your child’s favourite character? From Bluey to Hey Duggee, Gabby’s Dollhouse to L.O.L. Surprise!, Spidey to Stitch, Dreamtex have lots of character brands to choose from for children of all ages (even adults too!) across a variety of duvet sizes.

Look What’s New for 2024!

Dreamtex is delighted to announce news of some recent Disney launches, including Stitch and Spidey and Friends duvets, as well as refreshes to its incredibly popular Bluey collection.
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