Bertish and Company Ltd, the creator and owner of children’s character brand Zuma the Dog, is thrilled to announce they have partnered with the marketplace OnBuy.com, making their new branded merchandise more accessible to fans of the little dog.

OnBuy is the fourth largest marketplace in the UK and has reported 224% revenue growth in 2021. From small specialist outlets to major household names, it has seen huge growth over the last years and that value has come about because of its partnerships.

Bertish and Company plan to launch items such as novelty socks, accessories, notebooks, water bottles and collectables on the platform, which are more affordable, leaving the bigger ticket items, such as home décor, beanbags, backpacks, and some apparel items exclusive to Zuma the Dog’s own website. With so much new merchandise now available to buy on Zuma the Dog’s new website, it was time to expand into other marketplaces and make these products more accessible to the wider customer base.

“This is a really good step forward for Zuma the Dog,” said Samantha Bertish, brand creator. “Coupled with the success of the brick-and-mortar Pop-Up shop projects, our brand is proving to be popular within the marketplace. The new licensed merchandise fills in some of the gaps of what our customers have been asking for and this is bringing growth to the brand. It’s humbling and exciting at the same time. We are now looking to expand into toy and game licensing to grow the Zumaverse further and give our customers a greater choice from  our range of Zuma the Dog merchandise.”

As Bertish and Company continue to get Zuma the Dog’s message of tolerance, nonviolence, and diversity education into the world they invite visitors to explore the new shop on OnBuy.com

For licensees who want to collaborate with Zuma the Dog on new products for the website shop and store concessions, please contact Brand Manager Sarah Camp at [email protected]