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BabyDam – The Original Bathwater Barrier

BabyDam has changed bath time for good! BabyDam has been designed specifically to turn your family bath into your baby’s own, giving them lots of room for fun and enjoyment!

You can save up to 28 litres of water when fitted at the halfway point of a standard sized bath and filled to the minimum line with the plug out. You can save up to 56 litres of water per bath by inserting the plug and filling to the maximum line. However, BabyDam can be positioned to create a smaller or larger area in the bath so even more water and money can be saved.

Suitable from Birth and available in Grey, Blue, Pink

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Price £32.99 Available Amazon and online

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BabyDam – The Original Bathwater Barrier Reviews

Product Tested By Kayleigh Brooks – Owen 5 Weeks

Kayleigh Awarded The BabyDam Bathwater Barrier 4/5

Looks good and excited to use and it’s unique. I thought the design was very attractive. Easy to use due to instructions.  Good fit for our bath due to its shape. Once this was placed in our bath it was secure. This did turn our family bath into Owen’s own bath and he enjoyed bath time.  Although our baby enjoyed bath time anyway so it’s difficult to judge how much the product enhanced this.  This did hold the water well once positioned in the bath. We used this twice a week. It is a large product but we do have a big bathroom so was easy to store. If we had a smaller bathroom  we may have struggled. Easy to keep clean and we just let it dry in the bath at night. Personally I would not say saving water used when bathing baby is and important factor as safety of baby and ease of bathing were top of our list. I liked that is was a unique product.  Average quality given its price point. If I was purchasing ideally I would want to pay under £30.  I would look to buy this but I would think twice about the price point and look out for it in the sales. I would recommend as I liked the product and will carry on using it. Good unique product that enhances bath time. I think we will appreciate it even more when baby is a bit older and is bathing more independently.  Kayleigh Brooks – Owen 5 Weeks

Product Tested By Lucy Hankinson – Harry 4 Months

Lucy Awarded The BabyDam Bathwater Barrier 4/5

Well-presented and packaged. Brilliant design for the function of the product. Clear instructions including images. This was a good fit for our bath. Once this was in place it was secure and kept water in the designated area well. Was less effective as my child isn’t able to sit up independently in their half of the bath, so the use of a bath seat was still needed which can be used in the full sized bath. My baby did however enjoy bath time. The bath barrier was effective at holding water in place. We used the bath barrier when sharing a bath with mum or dad. This was not easy for us to store as we have a rather small bathroom. The bath barrier was easy to wipe clean and air dry. Personally I do not feel this helps save water as when I am bathing my baby the bath is not fully filled anyway. I liked that it was a well-designed product and effective at what the product was supposed to do. Good quality material, packaging and mechanisms.  Personally I think this is rather expensive in comparison to a standard baby bath. I really do prefer to place my baby in the baby bath seat when bathing him at night. The product is designed well and effective at what it is meant to be used for, however I feel a standard baby bath seat it cheaper, simpler to move and just as effective when bathing a baby. This could change as the bath gets older. Lucy Hankinson – Harry 4 Months

Product Tested By Kirsty Charleston – Dakota Louise 8 Months

Kirsty Awarded The BabyDam Bathwater Barrier 4/5

When I first received the BabyDam Bathwater Barrier i was very excited to try it out and save some water. I loved that it was very slim. After trying to fit it to my bath, I quickly realised a fault with the design. It doesn’t fit all baths, I think if there was a bigger “lip” to create a seal it would be more versatile. The instructions are very clear with pictures and a bit of test too. However it doesn’t give any instructions on if you encounter a problem as I did with it not fitting to the shape of the bath. The BabyDam unfortunately did not fit in my bath, there was a gap at the side no matter how or where I positioned the BabyDam. Despite the gap, the suction itself was also hit and miss, we got it wet, we pressed down hard just as instructed on both the handles and the suction cups, at times it would stay stuck and secure, other times it would just pop back up. Even though this did not fit our bath I can 100% see how this could save water and create a perfect sized baby bath for your baby if it fits your bath. There was a gap on the side no matter how we positioned it, therefore no it did not help keep the water in the designated space. Both myself and my partner tried to install the BabyDam several times each time with no luck. The BabyDam is very slim so it is easy to keep it my the side of the bath without it taking up any room in our small bathroom. The BabyDam is very easy to keep clean, you can wipe it down within seconds after each use. I think it is an important factor to save water as we should all be trying to make more eco-friendly choices, this is an easy solution to save a lot of water. The BabyDam is also great as you can adapt it to the size you need so it grows with your baby! I loved the colour and the fact it was so slim so easy to store. I think the quality felt great, it was thick sturdy plastic that I wouldn’t feel would break for years to come. I think it is very good value (assuming it fits the bath) as it can grow with your baby, there’s no need to buy different baths at different ages. I would not buy this as does not fit our bath. However if it had fitted, I would have considered buying it as in the long run it would save a lot of money and water. I would recommend but I would suggest doing research first into the type of bath shape you need. I would suggest you need more of a curve in the bottom of the bath than ours does. Despite the fact I couldn’t test this to the full extent, i think the product is an amazing product to help be more eco-friendly, it’s easy to use, clean and store. I was disappointed it didn’t fit my bath, therefore was unable to test it with my baby, however we did test it with just water. Until it hit the sides where the seal didn’t meet the bath, the seal did do its job with keeping the water from spilling through. The suction cups I found you had to try several times to get them to secure to the bath (although again this could be due to the shape of my bath) The colour is beautiful, and the design is sleek and easy to store and clean.  Kirsty Charleston – Dakota Louise 8 Months

I would recommend as I liked the product and will carry on using it. Good unique product that enhances bath time. I think we will appreciate it even more when baby is a bit older and is bathing more independently.


Kayleigh Awarded The BabyDam Bathwater Barrier 4/5

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