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The Wheels on the Bus DVD

Meet the boys and girls as they sing and dance their way through 20 favourite songs on this great new Childrens DVD. Join Tony and the kids on a train, on a farm, down on the building site, on the beach and much more. Children will love the brilliant songs and will enjoy watching all the fun & games!1. The wheels on the bus 2. Going to the zoo 3. Captain Pugwash/Sailor’s hornpipe 4. Oh I do like to be beside the seaside 5. If you’re happy and you know it 6. The Grand Old Duke of York 7. One man went to mow 8. Miss Polly had a dolly 9. She sells sea shells 10. I hear thunder 11. Humpty dumpty 12. If you take a piece of wood 13. The big ship sails through the alley alley o 14. London Bridge is falling down 15. Heads shoulders knees and toes 16. You are my sunshine 17. Dingle dangle scarecrow 18. London’s burning 19. How much is that doggie in the window? 20. Jelly on a plate

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The Wheels on the Bus DVD Reviews

Product Tested by: Blair Mulvey – Reid & Isla 4 & 2 years

Tested By
Blair Mulvey – Reid & Isla 4 & 2 years

Awarded The CRS RecordsThe Wheels on the Bus DVD 4.8/5

packaging looks appealing and my children couldn’t wait to put it on. I really
enjoyed the look of the packagingmy children loved singing along to all
the songs. My son watched the whole DVD but my daughter who is 2 got a bit
bored after 10 minutes. My son was singing the songs for the rest of the
day. The packaging really caught my Childrens eye. I think this is really good value for
money. I would purchase this DVD and
certainly recommend. It
was fantastic for my children. Blair
Mulvey – Reid & Isla 4 & 2 years

Tested By
Clair Brain – Emily 2 years

Awarded The CRS Records The Wheels on the Bus DVD 4/5

I put this on I have to admit that I did cringe a bit. It was quite cheesy. I wasn’t sure about the quality either as the
transitions just look like someone has edited it at home. There are some good songs but some quite
random ones that wouldn’t expect such as a song done to the tune of Fraise
Jacque but is about it raining. Some of
the words are different to how my little girl is used to singing them as
well. But there is a good range. I didn’t think that she would like it that
much, we have never had a song DVD before but she loved it! She asked for it on all the time and sings
along. She sings the songs when it has
finished. She just sits and watches it
and dancing a bit but she isn’t distracted by anything when it is on. I could not believe it my daughter wanted
this on again straight away. Was
surprised how easily she learnt the songs that she had never heard before. The
quality in not really that great. My
daughter did enjoy this DVD and compared to other DVD prices it is not bad
value. I would recommend it and would
let them borrow the DVD but I would warn then how cheesy it is. Despite my
views my little girl does love the DVD and will ask most days to watch it. Surprised
how much she enjoyed it. You get used to
cheesy guy and the bad transitions.
Surprised by some songs that weren’t used that might have been better
but it looks like they do other DVDs so maybe they are on those. Clair Brain –
Emily 2 years

Tested By
Sarah Flannagan – Ben, Harry & Charlie – 9, 5 & 1 year

Awarded The CRS Records The Wheels on the Bus DVD 3/5

packaging is good, bright, colourful and appealing. It seemed cheaply made,
cheesey and overall poor. Good content and good choice of songs. My youngest Charlie
walked off. As was not interested and Harry showed a little more interest as he
knew the songs but soon got bored. The actual product is good quality but the
actual content was poor, it was cheaply made, we didn’t like the main singer.
My older son said he was strange and scary. I found him to be cheesy and very
annoying. We would have preferred a cartoon version instead of child singers.
It had an old style feel to it. For a DVD this is not expensive at all. The cd is made on a cheap budget with an
annoying main singer trying to be the next Justin fletcher! Sarah
Flannagan – Ben, Harry & Charlie – 9, 5 & 1 year

I would purchase this DVD and certainly recommend. It was fantastic for my children. 


Blair Awarded The CRS RecordsThe Wheels on the Bus DVD 4.8/5

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